Great Addictions to Blindingly Dark, Wordly Life

Feb. 26, 2018


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The Pitch: Black metal entity Rebel Wizard, "splattered in thrash, baptized by NWOBHM and exacerbated with an epic dose of power metal," returns with another thrilling EP via Relapse Records. FFO: Absu, Vektor, Skeletonwitch

What I Like: While I enjoyed Rebel Wizard's debut full length, Triumph Of Gloom, I had some qualms with the shift in writing approach and production. Whereas the project's early EP's featured a more polished guitar sound and emphasis on riffs, the LP stepped up the black metal elements for a more kvlt sound. Great Addictions... finds a litte more compromise between these two approaches. Though the recording quality remains raw and biting as an icy blizzard, especially on the dense and abrasive "There is a game of madness...," I feel as though the guitars have come back forward a bit. Furthermore, the riffs themselves are more memorable. Epic solos reign over each of these tracks, and "Real happiness in killing enjoyment" finds Rebel Wizard trying out a slower, more melodic style. As always, the recorded-through-an-old-walkie-talkie black metal vocals keep the tone extreme.

Critiques: While I enjoy everything Rebel Wizard has put out thus far, nothing has quite topped Invocation of the Miserable Ones for me. There's just something about that EP...

The Verdict: Yeah, I'm THAT guy: the "the underground debut EP was better" guy. Even so, that doesn't take away from the unique sound that Rebel Wizard brings to the table, and the overall power of Great Addictions to Blindingly Dark, Wordly Life. If you like your heavy metal on the extreme side, or your black metal on the thrashy side, check this one out.

Flight's Fav's: The sickness of all knowledge, There is a game of madness, and it was decided that you must keep on playing

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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