Heavy Negative Wizard Metal

Feb. 8, 2016


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The banner for Melbourne, Australia's Rebel Wizard reads "Heavy Negative Wizard Metal."  Yes.  End of review.  Fine, a little more info for you.  The band has been recommended for fans of AURA NOIR, USURPER, BULLETBELT, SKELETONWITCH, CAULDRON, ENFORCER.  When I read that this was heavy metal + black metal, I was not exactly sure what to make of it, but suffice it to say that the union here is amazing.  It's a lot like black thrash, but in the mode of Judas Priest.

Mastermind, Nekrasov, "takes the old-school, hooky sounds of bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and combines it with the blistering speed and darkness of Aura Noir and Usurper."  If you are at all familiar with those bands, that's all you really need to know.  The guitarwork is incredibly catchy and superbly performed that somehow would work equally well in the golden days of heavy metal as with a modern crowd.  As mentioned in my original post promoting the band, the first minutes of this EP resulted in this face:


That face, one of a true professional, was cemented for the duration of these 4 songs and for the next half hour or so.  Invocation of the Miserable Ones is simply that fun, that energetic, and that heavy.  Period.  As if the guitar wasn't enough, don't expect any PM vocals or anything resembling Halford.  This is vile grimness incarnate.  A tirade of oppressive (and impressive) black metal snarls that will bring you to your knees.  I cannot wait to hear a full release and pray that more people will get behind this project.  You can stream the whole thing below.  And guess what?  The price is UP TO YOU!