Music Designed To Give You Ideas​.​.​. Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas Nov. 19, 2019

Music Designed To Give You Ideas​.​.​. Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas
by The Sound That Ends Creation

The Pitch:Texas one-man mathcore/grindcore projectThe Sound That Ends Creationreturns again with more mind-melting compositions, this time with a dose of maniacal piano.FFO:Psyopus,Spurn,Gadget What I Like: This may very well be Chris' finest work to date. While I enjoyedRoses And Thorns And Dead U...

Delerium Nov. 18, 2019

by Together In Tragedy

The Pitch: Sydney, Australia metalcore quartet Together In Tragedy drop an explosively djenty new EP. FFO: Cabal, Dayseeker, Suicide Silence What I Like: Together In Tragedy exist just on the cusp of deathcore territory when it comes to the metalcore spectrum. Their music is consistently dark and h...

Raffy Reviews - Despised Icon: 'Purgatory' Nov. 15, 2019

by Despised Icon

Background The vast Canadian wilderness is home to more than just wildlife. It's also home to some pretty heavy tunes and many of the most brutal bands you'll encounter within the death metal and core scenes. Well, not exactly the first part...but within the northern front exist countless cool arti...

Non Debellicata Nov. 15, 2019

Non Debellicata
by Ragnarok

The Pitch: Norwegian black metal stalwarts Ragnarok return with their 9th(!) album via Agonia Records. FFO: Immortal, Gorgoroth, Satyricon What I Like: Much like Immortal,Ragnarok lean heavily on the early thrash influences of black metal. Bathory and Celtic Frostinfluences permeate these icy riffs...

Into That Good Night Nov. 14, 2019

Into That Good Night
by Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden may not be quite as well known as some of the other Finnish bands that have evolved out of the death/doom genre, but theyve been releasing material for quite some time with this years Into That Good Night serving as their sixth full-length record. Like many of the longer running acts ...

Venenare Nov. 14, 2019

by Krater

While German black metal band Krater has been around since 2003, it wasnt until the release of 2011s Nocebo that they came to the attention of a wider audience. Where their earlier efforts had gone for a more traditional style Nocebo and itsfollow-up Urere pushed the sound outwards towards grander a...

Universal Death Church Nov. 13, 2019

Universal Death Church
by Lord Mantis

Chicago blackened sludge powerhouse Lord Mantis reunites with Charlie Fell back on vocals to follow up the critically lauded Death Mask via Debemur Morti Productions. FFO: Indian, Wallowing, Sloth Herder Full disclosure, Charlie and I have become pretty good friends over the past few years, so I ma...

The Doomed City Nov. 12, 2019

The Doomed City
by Necropanther

The Pitch:Colorado melodic death/blackened thrash metallersNecropantherfollow up the Dune-inspiredEyes Of Blue Lightwith another sci fi concept album, this time centered around Logan's Run. FFO:Skeletonwitch,Frosthelm, Dethklok What I Like: Melodic death metal and blackened thrash are amongst my fa...

And The Darkness Was Cast Out Into the Wilderness Nov. 11, 2019

And The Darkness Was Cast Out Into the Wilderness
by Mystagogue

The Pitch: Sorrowful melodic black metal from Mystagogue featuring Maurice deJongof Gnaw Their Tongues. What I Like: Mystagogue tread the line between traditional, hard-hitting visceral black metal and a more visceral, post-black, Ghost Bath-y approach. With lyrics touching onextreme emotions, hist...

Raffy Reviews - Xeno Ooze: 'Parasligm Shift' Nov. 11, 2019

Parasligm Shift
by Xeno Ooze

Background Grindcore was always a very 'hit-or-miss' type of genre for myself. So, when I first heard the collective works (or the two demo/EPs they have had available before this release) of independent Pheonix, Arizona trio Xeno Ooze, I was fairly stunned by the amount of experimentation and ecle...

Immanifest, Forest Of Tygers, Les Chants Du Hasard Nov. 8, 2019

Recommendation Roundup 11/8/19
by Metal Trenches

Three more albums you won't want to miss this year: symphonic blackened death metal from Immanifest, eclectic blackened post-hardcore from Forest Of Tygers, and classical compositions cloaked in black metal from Les Chants Du Hasard. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTub...

Nocturnal Bloodlust Nov. 8, 2019

Nocturnal Bloodlust
by Black Beast

Finnish black metal continues to have some of the best riffs around, and the latest example of this comes courtesy of Black Beasts debut full length Nocturnal Bloodlust. Formed back in 2002, the group released an EP and split with Bloodhammer before laying dormant for nearly thirteen years. But the ...

The Body Cosmic Nov. 7, 2019

The Body Cosmic
by Iapetus

The Pitch: New Yorkatmospheric prog/melodeathduo Iapetus release their new album The Body Cosmic featuring Dan Presland of Ne Obliviscaris on drums. FFO: Fallujah, Insomnium, Be'lakor What I Like: Prog fans rejoice; there is something here to enjoy from all corners of the genre. From Swedish melode...

Hearts of No Light Nov. 7, 2019

Hearts of No Light
by Schammasch

Schammasch may have started off channeling elements of traditional black metal early on in their career, but over the years the Swiss project has branched out considerably and upped their ambitions towards paths far beyond the genres roots. 2016s Triangle demonstrated just how far outwards the band ...

Raffy Reviews - Purulence: 'Autophagy' Nov. 6, 2019

by Purulence

Background One brutal UK outfit coming straight out of Wigan; one heavy slamming deathgrind release to spite them all.Purulencearose as one of those tongue-in-cheek kinda jokey extreme metal bands that didn't really take themselves too seriously at the start. However, as their underground career pr...

Macrobial Nov. 6, 2019

by Immanifest

The Pitch:Tampa, Florida-based symphonic blackened death metal outfitImmanifestrelease their debut album via The Artisan Era. FFO: Shadow of Intent, Vale of Pnath, Mordant Rapture What I Like:Immanifest are the perfect union of brutally proficient death metal with symphonic black metal atmosphere.T...

I Will Die of Violence Nov. 5, 2019

I Will Die of Violence
by Forest Of Tygers

The Pitch: Blackened post-hardcore/sludge from Nashville band Forest Of Tygers with their first full length via Acteon Records. FFO: late Altar of Plagues, Barishi, Numenorean What I Like: Forest of Tygersare a difficult band to place in any meaningful way. Post-black tropes permeate their atmosphe...

Necropanther Podcast Nov. 4, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 55
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus chats with Colorado band Necropanther (FFO Skeletonwitch, Frosthelm) to talk about their new album The Doomed City which is the latest in a series of sci fi concept albums, this one centered around Logan's Run. We also discuss influences, comparisons to Dethklok, and our favorite Adul...

Raffy Reviews - Counterparts: 'Nothing Left To Love' Nov. 1, 2019

Nothing Left To Love
by Counterparts

Background I've discussed the previousCounterpartseffort on here around two years ago now, and, since this is somewhat of a follow-up (discounting the brief EP from last year), I figured I'd talk about this one, as well. To sum it up though,You're Not You Anymorewas a mixed bag of cacophony consist...

All Hail Nov. 1, 2019

All Hail
by Norma Jean

The Pitch: Atlanta metalcore legendsNorma Jean deliver a perfectly serviceable release with their 8th album via Solid State Records. What I Like: A lot of my friends are raving about this album, so there's something to be said about that from the start. Their opinions aside, I still am happy to say...

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