Embryonic Devils April 28, 2017

Embryonic Devils
by Crypt Rot

The Pitch: The destructive debut from Ohio's crusty death and metallic hardcore bandCrypt Rot hits full force via Southern Lord. FFO Tribulation's The Horror, Power Trip, The Haunted, Zom What I Like: My initial reaction was "Holy F#$" to fellow reviewer Chris Dahlberg, then I followed that up with...

Regrets April 28, 2017

by War Brides

The Pitch: Chicago noise rock and post-hardcore band War Brides releases new album. FFO Pissed Jeans, Daughters, Jesus Lizard What I Like: More callbacks to that 90's era sound I love so much. It's noisey, grittypost-hardcore that is infinitely more Fugazi than Underoath. As much as I love both of ...

Mind Mold April 27, 2017

Mind Mold
by Mind Mold

The Pitch: Sentient Ruin presents the debut album from Canadian death, doom, and sludge group Mind Mold (featuring members of Wake and Seminary).. FFO Primitive Man, Northless, Indian, Escape is not Freedom What I Like: This album is drowned in a depressive atmosphere, but like your averaage person...

Rash Reflection April 27, 2017

Blue Moon Blood
by Statiqbloom

The Pitch: Debut from Brooklyn-based industrialproject Statiqbloom,with plenty of love for a certain group of emaciated Canadian canines. FFO Skinny Puppy, 3Teeth, Dead When I Found Her What I Like: As I stated in my Dead When I Found Her review, I am always on the hunt for music with that early Pu...

Autumn in April April 26, 2017

Seasons of Desolation
by Enisum

The Pitch: Italian atmospheric black metal bandEnisum returns with new label Avantgarde Music with an album that is easily their most expansive to date. FFO UADA, Altar of Plagues, Fen What I Like: Enisum have seriously built on all of their previously strengths, but also waded much deeper into the...

Coma Ecliptic: Live April 26, 2017

Coma Ecliptic: Live
by Between the Buried and Me

The Pitch: Metal Blade Records releases the live recording of Between the Buried and Me's mesmerizing Coma Ecliptic on CD and Blu-ray. Summary: I don't go in for a lot of live albums, but I assure you that this one is worth it. First of all, a good live recording should actually sound like you're t...

Carpe Diem, Tomorrow April 25, 2017

by American Standards

The Pitch: Arizona-based hardcore quartet, American Standards, here to bring you some good times with a few twists on Anti-Melody. FFO Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Bungler, 156/Silence What I Like: Ahhh... here are those endlessly quoteable, fun lyrics I've been missing from ETID's back catalog. S...

Aloades April 25, 2017

by Promethean

The Pitch: Debut EP from French symphonic death metal band Promethean, inspired by Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Emperor What I Like: Above all else, the riffs pulled me into this one. Aloades has a pretty impressive display of melodic, technical, and brutal guitar hooks as well as a few so...

Adveniens April 24, 2017

by Hideous Divinity

The Pitch: Italian blackened death metal filled with plenty of fire and brimstone from Hideous Divinity via 16th Cellar Studios. FFO Aborted (features former members), Behemoth, Benighted, Imperium. The entire album is a reflection on history and time, on the succession of futile ages, on the role o...

Meraine April 24, 2017

by Meraine

The Pitch: Mathcore/post-hardcore out of Ldenscheid, Germany. This is Meraine via Moments Of Collapse Records. FFO Converge, The Armed, Grieved, Nukk What I Like: I've said it before, but I'll say it again: there is just something markedly different between European hardcore vs. North American hard...

Beelzebud April 21, 2017

by Beelzebud

The Pitch: Beelzebud's "Feelgood Two-Piece Noisemachine of Doom" from Singapore, or how I learned to stop worrying and love extreme doom metal. FFO Beithioch, Creeping, Gurthang, Indian What I Like: Buckets and buckets of fuzz. But not in that blacklight, 70's kind of way. This is a more blackened ...

Pvtrid April 21, 2017

Pvtrefactio 7"
by Celestial Grave

The Pitch: Coming in hot after their previous short release, Burial Ground Trance, Finnish black metal band, Celestial Grave,return with Iron Bonehead for another two songs on 7". FFO: Death Karma, Cult of Fire, Mgla, Cultes des Ghoules What I Like: This is an absolutely perfect union of the putrid...

Bone Stock April 20, 2017

Bone Stock
by Mary Todd

The Pitch: Mary Todd is a math and grind act out of Brooklyn made up of 3 "fiends of exceptionally abrasive, groovy, and experimental musical compositions."FFO Ed Gein, Nostromo, Tanned Christ What I Like: Just that heavy s#!t that's weird and technical enough for the mathcore crowd, but grindy and...

Auditory Labyrinth April 20, 2017

Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light
by Ingurgitating Oblivion

The Pitch: Technical, progressive death metal band, Ingurgitating Oblivion design an "auditory labyrinth" with their third album via Willowtip. FFO Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, Ulcerate. What I Like: Time to get technical again, ya'll. A little preface: the reason I tend to prefer artists like Coma C...

Floating In Delirium April 19, 2017

Infrared Horizon
by Artificial Brain

The Pitch: New york technical, progressive, and brutal death metal band Artificial Brain tear sh#t up with their new album through Profound Lore and produced by Colin Marson (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Krallice). "Lyrical themes delve into concepts within a dystopian future in which robots and cyborgs ha...

Young Gods April 18, 2017

Young Gods
by Martyr Defiled

The Pitch: A beatdown deathcore/metalcore concept album from UK's Martyr Defiled about "a bitter old man accused of being a witch. He is subsequently buried alive and whilst dying he calls to the dark gods to curse his killers." FFO Malignancy, I Declare War, Traitors What I Like: Some of these tra...

Flying Free April 18, 2017

Red Bird
by Outrun The Sunlight

The Pitch: 4-piece instrumental progressive metal band, Outrun The Sunlight,from Chicago share their latest EP. FFO Russian Circles, Chronologist, Modern Day Babylon What I Like: This EP opens up with the very drifty and dreamy "Red Bird." So soft as to bare little attachment to what could be calle...

Dark Matter April 17, 2017

Cygnus Oddyssey
by Demimonde

The Pitch: Czech Republic's Deminonde share their 2016 album Cygnus Oddyssey. Dark, progressive, sci fi-influenced metal with a comic book twist. FFO Umbah, Devin Townsend, Anaal Nathrakh What I Like: Very creative, and chaotic in a good way. I can safetly say that I haven't heard too many albums t...

Dark as Hell April 14, 2017

Tando Ashanti
by Hexis

The Pitch: Dark, blackenedhardcore and suffocating sludge from Copenhagen's Hexis via Halo of Flies. FFO Cowards, Grieved, Oathbreaker What I Like: Foreboding, claustrophobic atmosphere? Check. Filthy, wretched vocals? Check. Crushing walls of guitar ever closing in on you? Check.Unlike much of you...

A Ripping Strike April 14, 2017

The Shackles of Mammon
by Craven Idol

The Pitch: Decadent old school blackened thrash from Dark Descent Records. "The vices of man, the plagues they unleashed upon themselves, and the rationalisation of its own actions." FFO Bathory, Destroyer 666 What I Like: The album certainly starts off on a promising note. The riffs are fast and w...

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