Aseethe- The Cost (Album Review) June 19, 2024

The Cost
by Aseethe

Im not quite sure how everything aligned, but June 21st brings two new heavyweight sludge/doom albums from established bands on the same record label. Not only does the lengthy new effort from Sumac release, but the fourth full length from Aseethe is sure to leave just as big of an impression on fan...

Mono- Oath (Album Review) June 18, 2024

by Mono

Japanese post rock band Mono has become one of the better-known acts in the genre over the course of their twenty-five-year career, as their ability to move between sparser, introspective passages and dense, booming peaks has made their discography stand out. Depending on which era of the band you e...

Best & Worst Death Metal Albums RANKED (From 2001) June 17, 2024

Death Metal 2001 Tier List
by Metal Trenches

Today, we're delving into the ferocious death metal landscape of 2001, a year that saw the release of some of the most bone-crushing and relentless albums in the genre. Join us as we rank these brutal masterpieces in an epic tier list showdown! Join the Discord for more daily discussion of metal ...

Julie Christmas- Ridiculous And Full Of Blood (Album Review) June 14, 2024

Ridiculous And Full Of Blood
by Julie Christmas

If you listened to everything from noise rock to post hardcore in the mid-2000s to early 2010s, chances are good that you came across Julie Christmas and the different bands she was associated with. Whether it was the post hardcore and noise rock leaning Made Out of Babies or the short-lived sludge/...

The Black Dahlia Murder - Aftermath BREAKDOWN & REVIEW June 13, 2024

TBDM Aftermath Reaction
by The Black Dahlia Murder

Review and breakdown of the new The Black Dahlia Murder track 'Aftermath'; Their first single after the tragic passing of Trevor Strnad Join the Discord for more daily discussion of metal music.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagra...

Octanecore SUCKS (Here's Why) June 12, 2024

Octanecore SUCKS
by Metal Trenches

Breaking down why I can't stand this modern assault on metalcore. What is Octane-core? Why does it suck? Why should you care? What can you do about it? Falling In Reverse! Ronnie Radke! Motionless In White! Bad Omens! Wage War! All this and more in today's video. Join the Discord for more daily ...

REZN- Burden (Album Review) June 11, 2024

by Rezn

Chicagos REZN has been incredibly productive in the eight years theyve existed as a band, releasing not only five full length albums but two fully collaborative efforts with other artists. Originally starting out on the more traditional stoner metal/doom side of the aisle with some hints of psychede...

Best Non-Metal Albums For Metal Fans (Vol 3) June 10, 2024

Best Non-Metal Albums 3
by Metal Trenches

Sharing just 10 more of my picks for albums that are NOT metal, but that metal fans should listen to. Join the Discord for more daily discussion of metal music.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and support us on Patreon....

Blazing Eternity- A Certain End Of Everything (Album Review) June 7, 2024

A Certain End Of Everything
by Blazing Eternity

If you listened to a lot of gothic metal or melodic death/doom around the late 90s to early 2000s you may have come across Denmark based Blazing Eternity before. Originally formed back in 1991 under the name Ancient Sadness before switching to Blazing Eternity somewhere around 1993, the group releas...

Ulcerate Albums RANKED June 7, 2024

Ulcerate Tier List
by Ulcerate

It's time to get seriously twisted with ULCERATE's unique brand of technical death metal. As atmospheric as it is dizzying, this New Zealand band turned the genre on it's head and only continues to do so with 2024's Cutting The Throat Of God. And in celebration, we are RANKING every single album to ...

The Hope Conspiracy- Tools of Oppression/Rule by Deception (Album Review) June 6, 2024

Tools of Oppression​/​Rule by Deception
by The Hope Conspiracy

Throughout hardcore and punk there has been numerous bands reuniting over the last few years, usually starting off as an anniversary tour or show for a particular album or their discography that would sometimes lead to new material. But other groups opt to just return with little warning and pick up...

This Ending- Crowned In Blood (Album Review) June 5, 2024

Crowned In Blood
by This Ending

They may only be a few years away from their twentieth anniversary, but the roots of Swedish melodic death metal band This Ending go back quite a bit further than that. Most of the groups original lineup had been a part of A Canorous Quintet in the 90s, who released some underrated material around t...

Best Metal Albums Of 2000 June 3, 2024

Best Metal Albums of 2000
by Metal Trenches

Share my top 20 favorite metal albums from the year 2000 from the extreme corners of black and death metal to metalcore and dare I say even... nu metal. Cry about it. Let me know what you think of my picks and be sure to share your own. Join the Discord for more daily discussion of metal music.Yo...

Thou- Umbilical (Album Review) May 31, 2024

by Thou

Thou will turn twenty next year, and the Louisiana based sludge/doom band has been a regular fixture in the underground for most of that time. Whether its due to the combination of crushing riffs, subtle melodies, and unrelenting vocals or the numerous collaborations theyve done over the years, Thou...

Best Metal Albums Of May 2024 May 31, 2024

Best Metal May 2024
by Metal Trenches

Today we are going over 20 new metal albums that I consider to be the BEST of what May 2024 had to offer. It was another PACKED month, but I've sifted through the madness to bring you a diverse group of killer new records from all corners of the genre: death metal, black metal, groove metal, mathcor...

Gradience- Ironsight (EP Review) May 29, 2024

by Gradience

One of the exciting parts of being a music reviewer is discovering bands that bring together genres that dont seem like they would mesh well on paper. Danish duo Gradience is a perfect example, as they take elements of hip-hop, nu-metal, deathcore, and metalcore, and fuse it with black metal to crea...

Crownshift- Crownshift (Album Review) May 29, 2024

by Crownshift

Crownshift may be a brand-new group, but they bring a wealth of experience with them. Not only have their members been a part of the likes of Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Norther, and MyGrain, but the three instrumentalists were also a part of melodic death metal band Naildown in the mid-2000s. Wit...

Bat- Under The Crooked Claw (Album Review) May 28, 2024

Under The Crooked Claw
by Bat

Not only has Municipal Waste become an institution of the more fun side of crossover thrash over the past two decades, but its members have kept themselves busy with plenty of side projects. The best known out of these is the slightly more hardcore leaning Iron Reagan, but the group that always stoo...

Bring Me The Horizon Albums RANKED Through Post Human: NeX GEn May 24, 2024

Bring Me The Horizon Tier List
by Bring Me The Horizon

Strap in, because today we are ranking the albums of BRING ME THE HORIZON through their latest 2024 release Post Human: NeX GEn. From humble deathcore beginnings to more experimental forays into rock, we're tier listing it all and sparing no one's feelings in the process. Join the Discord for mor...

Rotting Christ Albums RANKED Through Pro Xristoy May 24, 2024

Rotting Christ Tier List
by Rotting Christ

Welcome to our deep dive into the discography of one of metal's most enduring acts - Rotting Christ. With over three decades of dark, intense music, this Greek black metal band has solidified their place in the annals of extreme metal. Join us as we embark on a journey through their extensive catalo...

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