Dark Tranquillity Album Tier List Sept. 18, 2019

Ranking Dark Tranquillity
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus shares memories of his favorite melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity while ranking their albums in real time. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitt...

No One Knows What The Dead Think Sept. 17, 2019

No One Knows What The Dead Think
by No One Knows What The Dead Think

The Pitch: Former members of Discordant Axis form chaotic grindcore band No One Knows What The Dead Think with a melodic twist via Willowtip Records. FFO: Discordant Axis, Noisear, Gridlink What I Like: The members of No One Knows What The Dead Think seemingly never left the 90's. From the songwrit...

Artes Magickae Sept. 17, 2019

Artes Magickae
by Ossomancer

The Pitch: An encorceling debut release from black metal band Ossomancer ft. Proscriptor McGovern (Absu) on drums via Pacific Threnodies. FFO:Immortal, Satyricon, Rimfrost What I Like: Ossomancer had me at the thick, cold atmosphere and blackened thrash riffs of At The Heart Of Winter-era Immortal,...

Raffy Reviews - Eschaton: 'Death Obsession' Sept. 16, 2019

Death Obsession
by Eschaton

Background Eschatonis a Massachusetts-based technical death metal band that's been around the block for a little over a decade now. Today's particular release being their sophomore full-length and third effort overall since the band's mid 2000s formation, it's time to dissect their formula and find...

The Number Twelve - 'Wild Gods' Podcast Review Sept. 16, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 48
by The Number Twelve Looks Like You

FlightOfIcarus doubles up with Dave Raffy (Part 1) and Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys (Part 2) to discuss the comeback album from Jersey mathcore band The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Wild Gods.PleaseSUBSCRIBEand also listen viaiTunes,CastBox, andBitChute. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcas...

Everything Hurts Sept. 16, 2019

Everything Hurts
by Grayscale Season

The Pitch: Gothenburg, Sweden metalcore act Grayscale Season follow up their promising Head To Mist EP with a very impressive full length. FFO: Car Bomb, Buy Jupiter, Letters From The Colony What I Like: Well hello there, Grayscale Season. I went intoEverything Hurts with modest expectations having...

Raffy Reviews - Visceral Disgorge: 'Slithering Evisceration' Sept. 13, 2019

Slithering Evisceration
by Visceral Disgorge

Background Visceral Disgorgemay or may not be a household name for those who've been following the new age wave of slam and technical brutal death these days. They have rather the humble cult following, though there's been also a lengthy hiatus between releases for the Maryland-based metallers. Be ...

Shaped By Fire (Video Review) Sept. 13, 2019

Shaped By Fire
by As I Lay Dying

SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and support us on Patreon. Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter for Updates on New Content Email Address ...

Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands Sept. 13, 2019

Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands
by Arctos

The Pitch: Folky Canadian black metal band Arctos drop their stunning debut album viaNorthern Silence Productions. FFO:Amiensus,Au-Dessus,UADA What I Like: You may have caught my 2017 review of the band's solid EP, A Spire Silent. While that early material was already promising in its own rite, Arc...

A Sanity Deranged Sept. 12, 2019

A Sanity Deranged
by Nightfell

Nightfells been creating some engaging dark, heavy music since their inception in 2012. Initially coming through as an extension of Todd Burdette (Tragedy/Severed Head of State) and Tim Calls (Aldebaran/Sempiternal Dusk) other groups, their sophomore effort Darkness Evermore in 2015 saw the project ...

Winning Sept. 12, 2019

by Die A Legend

The Pitch: Purest Norwegian hardcore band Die A Legend does the Charlie Sheen thing with their new EP via Loyal Blood Records. What I Like: Winning may be a comeback album 6 years in the making, but it sounds closer to 25. Having been involved in the "Troms Hardcore" scene and even toured with Conv...

Wallowing, The Ritual Aura, Guilt Trip Sept. 11, 2019

Recommendation Roundup 9/16/19
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus shares three more albums that you should not miss out on this year. The music... it never ends. Included are blackened sludge band Wallowing, progressive death metal band The Ritual Aura, and metallic hardcore band Guilt Trip. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox...

Raffy Reviews - Omophagia: '646965' Sept. 10, 2019

by Omophagia

Background Omophagia(named after the Greek term for "consuming raw flesh") is embellished as a quintet of horrors from Zurich. With their insane, chaotic riffage, abrasive mid vocals and destructive, yet slightly humorous vibes all around, the question that lies ahead for them is...do they have wha...

Planet Loss Sept. 10, 2019

Planet Loss
by Wallowing

The Pitch:UK sci-fi themed blackened sludgeband Wallowing ruin your week with a soul crushing new album viaSludgelord Records Black Voodoo Records.FFO: Indian, Lord Mantis, Primitive Man What I Like: If you like Indian, you'll love Wallowing. These two bands are very much twins in their bleak, bla...

Age of Excuse Sept. 9, 2019

Age of Excuse
by Mgła

Mgła swept up listeners with their sprawling and utterly bleak black metal across their previous two full-lengths With Hearts Towards None and Exercises in Futility. While the group had quite a few other releases to their discography by this point, it was these two records that broke through and put...

Doug Moore (Pyrrhon) on WEEPING SORES Sept. 9, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 47
by Weeping Sores

FlightOfIcarus chats with Doug Moore of Pyrrhon, Seputus, and Glorious Depravity about his latest outing with emotive, violin-infused doom project WEEPING SORES. We discuss his need to stay busy with multiple projects, Henry Rollins, inspirations for this new album, sifting through the swathes of me...

Raffy Recommends #3: Putridity (Brutal-technical death metal) Sept. 6, 2019

Background The recommendation for this week is an artist coming out of the brutal death scene that's been dominating the genre and taking the online/underground metal community by storm with a blend of techy (sometimes proggy) riffs and a ton of brutal ambiance. The Italian stallions I'm talking ab...

Voice of Opprobrium Sept. 6, 2019

Voice of Opprobrium
by Runespell

Runespell has maintained a steady release pace since debuting in 2017 with the Aeons of Ancient Blood demo, releasing a full length each year without there being any dip in quality. This year project founder Nightwolf has continued this trend with Voice of Opprobrium which takes the heroic sounding ...

As I Lay Dying Album Tier List Sept. 6, 2019

Ranking As I Lay Dying
by Metal Trenches

In anticipation of the new album, FlightOfIcarus ranks and reminisces about the band's discography thus far. Make your own with the same template HERE. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice...

Decay Sept. 5, 2019

by Drugs of Faith

Drugs of Faith has been an integral part of the DC/Northern Virginia grind scene since 2002 but compared to some of the other bands in the genre theyve remained a lot quieter when it comes to recorded releases. Where some grind and powerviolence opts for split after split and unleashes a steady infl...

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