Among The Amorphous June 26, 2017

Among The Amorphous
by The Interbeing

The Pitch: Long Branch Records releases the sophomore album from Danish progressive melodeath band The Interbeing. FFO: Aspherium, Allegaeon, Soilwork What I Like: The Interbeing sound a bit like what I'd expect from a metal smoothie consisting of Rammstein, Soilwork, Gojira, andNeurotechblended fi...

Towards The Ultimate Extinction June 26, 2017

Towards The Ultimate Extinction
by Persecutory

The Pitch: Persecutory from Godz ov War Production. "An impious trio decided to play morbid malignant black thrash metal by keeping the perversion, death, chaos and satanism without compromise" FFO: Destroyer 666, Inquisition, Ravencult What I Like: I really enjoy how Persecutory have put so many ...

2017 Part One: Musicianship June 26, 2017

New york technical, progressive, and brutal death metal band Artificial Brain are recieving massive critical acclaim for their latest sci-fi concept album, Infrared Horizon; and it's for good reason. I hear elements of sped-up thrash, grinding death, and jazz-influenced brutality all force-fed down ...

Les Chants Du Hasard June 23, 2017

Les Chants Du Hasard
by Les Chants Du Hasard

The Pitch: French solo act Les Chants Du Hasard builds traditional classical compositions into a black metal aesthetic without towing the line. Now through I, Voidhanger. FFO: Modest Mussorgsky, Sergej Prokofiev and Richard Strauss filtered through Ulver and Emperor. What I Like: Make no mistake, t...

Wrong One To Fuck With June 23, 2017

Wrong One To Fuck With
by Dying Fetus

The Pitch:Dying Fetusis back with their 8th record, entitled Wrong One to Fuck With. The band continues to evolve the technical side of their playing while churning out slams and breakdowns that make you want to hurt people. FFO:Mortician, Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist What I Like: Dying Fetus real...

Fulmination June 22, 2017

by Ray Suhy

The Pitch: Similar to Mendel of Aborted, Ray Suhy of Cannabis Corpse and Six Feet Under is releasing solo material under his own name Cessation Engine Records. This latest EP brings some excellent progressive shredding to the fold. FFO: Mendel, Animals As Leaders, Invoking The Abstract. What I Like...

You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient June 22, 2017

You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient
by Bison

The Pitch: Pelagic Records presents rocking hardcore and sludge from British Columbia's Bison. FFO Helmet, Quicksand What I Like:"Until the Earth is Empty" and "Anti War" really kick things off on the right foot. These grungy hooks are straight off of Meantime and with some truly firey vocals. The ...

Shattering Light's Creation June 21, 2017

Shattering Light's Creation
by Tyrannosorceress

The Pitch: Malicious black metal spellcasting from Dallas, TX's Tyrannosorceress via Tofu Carnage Records. FFO: Ars Magnae Umbrae, Blaze of Perdition, Nightbringer What I Like: Tyrannosorceress have a sound that is very much driven by ominous riffs and cavernous vocals. These elements create an atm...

Coagulating Darkness June 21, 2017

Coagulating Darkness
by Hellripper

The Pitch: One-man black/speed metal band Hellripper,based in Aberdeen, Scotland, delivers raw, 80's riffage on Coagulating Darkness. FFO: Venom, Kreator, Sabbat, Rebel Wizard What I Like:Maximum hookage, maximum speed. The riffs could be traced back to heavy metal legends Judas Priest, often recal...

Through Ages Of Sleep (Exclusive Stream) June 20, 2017

Through Ages Of Sleep
by Siberian

The Pitch: We have the exclusive early album stream of "Through Ages of Sleep: Siberian's second album in their "Age Trilogy". The Swedish three-piece mixes influences from American sludge and Scandinavian metal and have created a unique wall of sound." FFO: Viscera///, Barishi, Bushwhacker What I ...

Muto June 20, 2017

by Onryo

The Pitch: Everlasting Spew Recordspresents the latest EP from Italy's deathgind/mathcore band Onryō (featuring the drummer from Hideous Divinity). FFO: Psyopus, The Red Chord, Cephalic Carnage, The Dillinger Escape Plan What I Like: This is my sh#t right here. I was in the midst of a major slumppr...

Transfiguration June 19, 2017

by Show Of Bedlam

The Pitch: Canadian avant-garde. "Show of Bedlam has no limitations when it comes to experimenting with sound and style. The lyrics are often cryptic and treat subject matter related to mental illness, hospitals, shame, alienation, and mankinds fate." FFO: Syk, Veilburner, What I Like:Many argumen...

Enthroned In Gray June 19, 2017

Enthroned In Gray
by Sentient Ignition

The Pitch: Independent release from San Franciscanprogressive death metal band Sentient Ignition. Engineering, mixing and mastering by Zack Ohren (Fallujah,Entheos) and cover artwork by Pr Oloffson (Aborted,Beyond Creation). FFO: The Zenith Passage, Vale of Pnath, Alkaloid What I Like:Sentient Igni...

Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten June 16, 2017

Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten
by Carach Angren

The Pitch: Season of Mist delivers the next concept album from Dutch symphonic black metal group, Carach Angren; this one revolving around a girl playing too much with her Ouija board. FFO: Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septicflesh What I Like: As usual, Carach Angren bring a certain campy, Ti...

Savage Sinusoid June 16, 2017

Savage Sinusoid
by Igorrr

The Pitch: "Music with no bounds" returns with Igorrr, a project that is influenced by equal parts metal, electronic music, and baroque. Four years in the making, this is one of the strangest records you will ever hear. FFO Aphex Twin + Gogol Bordello + Fantomas What I Like: I am so happy with the ...

Marks/Traces June 15, 2017

by LLNN / Wovoka

The Pitch: Two punishingly dark and heavy sludge and hardcore bands, LLNN from Copenhagen and Wovoka from LA, join forces for a powerful new split through Pelagic Records. FFO Alaskan, Grim Van Doom, Inter Arma What I Like: These two bands' sounds compliment eachother like nuts and bolts. Both have...

Sessions June 15, 2017

by The Summoned

The Pitch: Boston technical death metal quartet The Summoneduse their demented sophomore album to explore the mind of a troubled mental patient confronting his personal demons in a series of psychiatry sessions. FFO Artificial Brain, Gorguts, Replacire. What I Like:For me, 2017 has been the year of...

The Grand Annihilation June 14, 2017

The Grand Annihilation
by Tombs

The Pitch:Mike Hill returns with his unpredictable Brooklyn project, Tombs, via Metal Blade Records. Says Hill, "This is a very dark and introspective record that digs deep into the common ideas of mortality, infinity and cosmic mysteries...Once you realize that you follow the dark path, the path of...

V-EP June 14, 2017

by Violent Life Violent Death

The Pitch: North Carolina band Violent Life Violent Death fuse Every Time I Die with Watain on their 2016 album,V-EP. What I Like: These guys have a pretty interesting sound. I've heard blackened sludge groups with some Southern flair in the guitars like Hang The Bastard, but this is one of the few...

Synkronyk June 13, 2017

by Bisbaye

The Pitch: Groovy, instrumental math metal fromMontral's Bisby. FFO: MoRkObOt, Animals As Leaders, Ketha What I Like:Bisby was sent my direction by the wonderful people at Mathcore Index, and I thank them for that. Equal parts funky groove and technical time signatures, this band treads very simila...

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