Eyes Of Blue Light Feb. 19, 2018

Eyes Of Blue Light
by Necropanther

The Pitch:Colorado-based metal legion Necropanther unleash the seething blackened thrash of Eyes Of Blue Light.The twelve-track album chronicles the classic 1965 Frank Herbert sci-fi novel Dune. FFO: Skeletonwitch, Rebel Wizard, Vektor What I Like: Ignore the silly band name, you need to get your a...

Raffy Reviews - Harakiri For The Sky: 'Arson' Feb. 16, 2018

by Harakiri for the Sky

Background: Austria has had some pretty decent black metal acts come out of the woodwork in the past...a few of which we've even reviewed here on this site. That being said, today's band isn't just your everyday blackened outfit; there is something to their music that makes them stand out in a way....

Calcified Trophies of Violence Feb. 16, 2018

Calcified Trophies of Violence
by Ossuarium

The Pitch: Old school, blackened death metal band Ossuarium "seep out of the depths of Portland" for an EP cassette release via Blood Harvest. FFO: Antiersum, Escarnium, Entombed What I Like: I'll keep this one simple. Ossuarium are massively heavy and abhorrently ugly. In just 3 tracks, this Portl...

Mouvement Feb. 15, 2018

by Chaos Echoes

The Pitch: Nuclear War Now! Productions presents the anticipated follow up to Transient, the critically lauded album from atmospheric death metal entity Chaos Echoes. FFO: Miserist, Abyssal, Portal What I Like: Mouvement is an intoxicating album filled with palpable darkness and overwhelmingly omin...

SYSC / SGKF Split Feb. 15, 2018

SeeYouSpaceCowboy / secondgradeknifefight Split
by SeeYouSpaceCowboy / secondgradeknifefight

The Pitch:Dark Trail Records, Zegema Beach Records, Miss The Stars Records, Dingleberry Records, Longrail Records, R.I.P In Peace, and Rakkerpak Records collaborate on this split between MySpace throwback mathcore groups SeeYouSpaceCowboy andsecondgradeknifefight. What I Like: 10 minutes of utter n...

Martyrdöd/Neolithic 7" Split Feb. 15, 2018

Martyrdöd/Neolithic 7" Split
by Martyrdod

The Pitch: Hardcore/crust split release from Baltimore's Neolithic and Sweden'sMartyrdd. FFO: Ancst, Morrow, Wolfbrigade What I Like: I initially came to this release due to my familiarity withMartyrdd. Their previous album, List, really wet my whistle with its energetic D-Beats, crustry riffs, and...

Raffy Reviews - Manifesting Obscenity: 'Doppelganger' Feb. 14, 2018

by Manifesting Obscenity

Background: Over the last several years or so, we have had a massive influx of underground and extreme metal acts that came out of Russia...many of which were of the brutal death and slam variety.Very recently, a new band of the slamming death variety namedManifesting Obscenityarrived onto the scen...

INTERVIEW: Christian of Mathcore Index Feb. 14, 2018

Blog to Blog
by FlightOfIcarus

Christian Segerstrom is the current head of Mathcore Index and co-host of the related Mathcast monthly podcast. Mathcore Index is a channel I have been following for many years now, and it has been a go-to source for the latest and greatest in the mathcore, hardcore, and grindcore genres. Christian ...

Antagonism Of The Soul Feb. 14, 2018

Antagonism Of The Soul
by Insolvency

The Pitch:French metalcore band Insolvency deliver their latest album via Send The Wood with distribution through Season Of Mist. The band has spent the last 6 years sharing the stage with the likes ofNapoleon, No Return, Smash it Combo, Melted Space, Atlantis chronicles, and FRCTRD. What I Like:An...

The Weight Of A Thousand Suns Feb. 14, 2018

The Weight Of A Thousand Suns
by Horizon Ablaze

The Pitch: Norwegian progressive black metal band Horizon Ablaze unveilThe Weight Of A Thousand Suns, "the story of a journey through the human psyche and a deep dive into the mans innermost fears and dreams." FFO: Aenaon, Piah Mater, Otargos What I Like: Horizon Ablaze are less interested in being...

Raffy Reviews - Genocide Pact: 'Order of Torment' Feb. 13, 2018

Order of Torment
by Genocide Pact

Background: From a capital city, we have ourselves today a capital death metal act. Formed in Washington, D.C. circa 2013,Genocide Pactis a three-piece extreme band signed toRelapse Records. And, since their inception, these lads have released thus far one demo and two full length albums. A little ...

Lurker of Chalice DLP Feb. 13, 2018

Lurker of Chalice DLP
by Lurker of Chalice

The Pitch:Nuclear War Now! is honored to present this new edition of Wrest's (Leviathan) Lurker of Chalice debut, which will include the bonus track featured on previous vinyl editions of the album. What I Like: It's interesting how in retrospect, the self titled Lurker of Chalice debut connects so...

Chiliad Rite Feb. 13, 2018

Chiliad Rite
by Horizon Of The Mute

The Pitch: The second album fromHorizon of the Mute, a one-man Finnish doom project incorporating drone, industrial and electronic influences.A CD version has been made available by French Anesthetize Productions and a limited edition hand-made vinyl edition by Death Shrine Offerings. What I Like: ...

Raffy Reviews - Mendacium: 'Decimating Titans' Feb. 12, 2018

Decimating Titans
by Mendacium

Background: Recently, we atMetal Trencheshave had an influx of some pretty cool one-man black metal acts.That being said,Mendaciumis a modern blackened death metal project straight out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The band, which is run single-handedly by Daniel Jackson (notable forVoid Ritual), is ...

Vignette Feb. 12, 2018

by Letters From The Colony

The Pitch: Swedish progressive, technical metal act Letters From The Colony combine death metal, metalcore, and jazz to deliver one of the more interesting recent releases to come out of Nuclear Blast. FFO: Meshuggah, Torrential Downpour, Car Bomb What I Like: Letters From The Colony have found an ...

Reminiscence Feb. 12, 2018

by Empress

The Pitch: "With this debut EP, Empress harvests a hybrid strain of monolithic groove, over-amped sludge and mutant prog." Featuring members of Seer and Craters and inspired by the work of Elder. What I Like: This is my favorite style of doom and sludge. Similar to Seer, Empress feels massive. Each...

Crypt Rot / Cringe Split Feb. 9, 2018

Crypt Rot / Cringe Split
by Crypt Rot

The Pitch: Redefining Darkness RecordsandSeeing Red Recordsteam up for a split betweentwo Ohio extreme metal up-in-comers Crypt Rot and Cringe. FFO: Zom, Power Trip,Expulsion What I Like: Glad to hear so soon from Crypt Rot. Their previous album Embryonic Devils quickly made one of my 2017 best of ...

Raffy Reviews - Harm's Way: 'Posthuman' Feb. 8, 2018

by Harm's Way

Background: Harm's Wayare a Chicago-based hardcore act that have been gaining a ton of traction in recent years. From releasing four albums and several EPs under various record labels, to performing in countless live shows since the band's inception about a decade ago, these Illinois titans are mak...

Hope Porn Feb. 8, 2018

Hope Porn
by Netherlands

The Pitch:Brooklyn-based band Netherlands deliver Hope Porn viaRecords and Tapes Records; an album described as "Swans andDioplaying simultaneously, atop an actual mountain of MDMA." Netherlands have shared the stage with the likes of Mutoid Man, Retox, andMelt-Bananaand frontman Timo Ellis has coll...

Knife The Glitter Feb. 8, 2018

Knife The Glitter
by Knife The Glitter

The Pitch:"After eight long years, the debut and final full length album from New Jersey progressive metal instrumental trio Knife the Glitter" via Party Smasher and Husaria Records. Featuring members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, John Frum and Intensus. What I Like: With a lineup like that, how co...

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