A New Kind of Horror Sept. 21, 2018

A New Kind of Horror
by Anaal Nathrakh

The Pitch: UK industrial, symphonic, blackened deathgrind band Anaal Nathrakh deliver a new album focused on the horrors of WWI through Metal Blade Records. What I Like: I have much to say about A New Kind Of Horror, but if there is only one area where it succeeds, it's at being supremely heavy. Th...

CLSTVM: Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh Sept. 20, 2018

CLSTVM: Dogma Sculptured in the Flesh
by Autotheism

The Pitch: The latest lengthy progressive death metal composition from Italy's Autotheism. FFO: Gorguts, Coma Cluster Void, Hadal Maw What I Like: The sound of Autotheism is one of simultaneous brutality and refinement; a bludgeoning yet forward-thinking journey. While the oppressive nature of the ...

Iomair Sept. 20, 2018

by Iomair

The Pitch: Make way for a new instant classic with the violin-infused progressive death metal of Iomair via Infamous Butcher Records. FFO: Ne Obliviscaris, Opeth, Ihsahn What I Like: This is a simply stunning work of art. I had finished up my reviews for September and was dedicated to focusing on O...

Raffy Reviews - Fit For A King: 'Dark Skies' Sept. 19, 2018

Dark Skies
by Fit For A King

Background Fit For A Kingis one of those metalcore bands that possess the somewhat common quality in the subgenre of being a Christian band with some religious undertones or themes found in their material. However, one of the more appealing things about them is this Dallas, Texas-based artists' uni...

Icon of the Adversary Sept. 19, 2018

Icon of the Adversary
by Psyclon Nine

The Pitch: The latest industrial metal nihilism from Los Angeles band Psyclon Nine. FFO: Nine Inch Nails, Dawn Of Ashes, Tyrant Of Death. What I Like: I've been dying for something a little different to come through, so it was nice to actually get some decent industrial metal in my mailbox. Psyclon...

TerrorVision Sept. 18, 2018

by Aborted

The Pitch: Belgian death metal darlings Aborted continue on the trajectory of the top-rated Retrogore with their 10th album via Century Media. FFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, Benighted, Within Destruction What I Like: If you are a longtime fan of Aborted, or if you loved Retrogore as much as I did, y...

The Misanthrope Sept. 17, 2018

The Misanthrope
by Abysmal Torment

The Pitch: Willowtip presents 10 more tracks of brutal, technical death metal from Malta band Abysmal Torment. FFO: Dying Fetus, Carnal Decay, Manipulation What I Like: With sickening grooves worthy of deathcore, but a technical prowess that is death metal through and through, The Misanthrope bring...

Further Still Sept. 14, 2018

Further Still
by Bosse-De-Nage

The Pitch: Bay area post-black/post-hardcore stalwarts Bosse-De-Nage step up their game with a new album influenced byExploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician via The Flenser. FFO: Deafheaven, Touche Amore, The Drowned God What I Like: I had some issues regarding the consistency of Bos...

Irreversible Mechanism - Immersion Sept. 14, 2018

by Irreversible Mechanism

The Pitch: Minsk progressive technical death metal band Irreversible Mechanism follow up their breakout hit Infinite Fields with a new concept album via Blood Music. FFO: Fallujah, Exocrine, Inanimate Existence What I Like: Immersion represents a significant improvement for Irreversible Mechanism i...

Grief Ritual Sept. 13, 2018

Grief Ritual
by Bruise

The Pitch: Indiana's Bruise send us more pummeling, beatdown hardcore to break your teeth and dent your skull via Unbeaten Records. FFO: Left Behind, Wolf King, Jesus Piece What I Like: By the time the year is up, I'm going to be out of adjectives to describe this kind of music. Even so, I couldn't...

Rhizome Sept. 13, 2018

by Plague Rider

The Pitch: A new EP from Newcastle blackened technical death metal band Plague Rider via Panurus Productions. FFO: Gigan, Pyrrhon, Endon What I Like: Gigan is a tech death group that I've always considered to have a pretty unique take on the genre. But there are a few other bands taking on a simila...

Vox Medusae Sept. 12, 2018

Vox Medusae
by Potmos Hetoimos

The Pitch:Potmos Hetoimos is a "prog/doom/jazz/sludge/post-metal" project from Baltimore, Maryland. This is their highly experimental new journey, Vox Medusae. FFO: Sigh, Dreadnought, Avant-Propos What I Like: It was projects like Potmos Hetoimos that spurred Metal Trenches into existence to begin ...

Within A World Forgotten Sept. 11, 2018

Within A World Forgotten
by Infernal Coil

Infernal Coils made a strong impression with their first two EPs, delivering an onslaught of hellish vocals and riffs that took equal amounts of influence from death metal, black metal, and grindcore. For their debut full length Within A World Forgotten, the group has taken all of the elements from ...

Undercover Scumbag Sept. 11, 2018

Undercover Scumbag
by 156/Silence

The Pitch: Pittsburgh hardcore crew 156/Silence continue to evolve their sound with a new LP via Innerstrength Records. FFO: early Norma Jean, Botch, American Standards What I Like: I've been following 156/Silence since they dropped the glorious "Turmoil" single at Mathcore Index. This song was a p...

Seid Sept. 10, 2018

by Kvalvaag

The Pitch: Norwegian black metal band Kvalvaag take me back to 1992 with the help of Dusktone. FFO: Emperor, early Enslaved, Taake What I Like: It feels like a minute since I covered a more traditional black metal band, but Kvalvaag provided the perfect opportunity to get back in the habit. Duskton...

End of Sept. 7, 2018

End of

The Pitch: Oslo, Norway-based hardcore group Attan infuse elements of sludge and other metal influences into their sound for End of via Fysisk Format. FFO: Converge, LLNN, Hexis What I Like: For the most part, Attan are simply another aggressive, combative hardcore group; though one that can't avoi...

Nights in Distortion Sept. 6, 2018

Nights in Distortion
by Owl

The musicians that make up the bands under the Zeitgeister Music umbrella have been releasing a steady stream of material the last few years. 2017 brought new albums from Valborg and Klabautamann, while this year brings both an EP and full length from Owl. If youre not familiar with this group, it w...

Raffy Reviews - The Breathing Process: 'Samsara' Sept. 5, 2018

by The Breathing Process

Background So, as we're slowly but surely nearing the final few months of 2018, there have been numerous death metal albums to come out during the year that I've found to be truly amazing masterpieces of epic brutality and such. And now, having discovered this little release, that plethora of great...

Horde Sept. 5, 2018

by The Crotals

The Pitch: Dominating, doomy sludge from Swiss group The Crotals via Tenacity Music. FFO: Primitive Man, Body Void, Howling Giant. What I Like: The Crotals are an excellent fusion of doomy sludge, Southern-tinged rock riffs, and groovy hardcore. With a two-pronged approach of mournful melody and sl...

Across Deaths Sept. 4, 2018

Across Deaths
by Malthusian

The Pitch: Irish technical black and death metal band Malthusian deliver their first full length album via Dark Descent and Invictus after building their brand with a successful demo and EP. FFO: Portal, Imperial Triumphant, Abyssal What I Like: Beyond thrilled to share this release. I have been a ...

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