The Approaching Roar Jan. 23, 2019

The Approaching Roar
by Altarage

The Pitch: Spain-based blackened, atmospheric, technical death metal band Altarage is 3 for 3 with another incredible album via Season Of Mist. FFO: Portal, Abyssal, Malthusian What I Like:I happened upon Altarage back in 2016 when they stormed onto the scene with Nihil, an album I compared to The ...

Synviljor Jan. 23, 2019

by Stilla

Since their formation in 2011, Stilla has been releasing some of the most interesting black metal Sweden has to offer. Over the course of three full length albums their style has evolved, retaining its roots in harsh, icy riffs that recall the frigid nature of the bands homeland while adding in haun...

Ep 14: Altarage Jan. 23, 2019

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus shills for the incredible 3rd album from Spain-based blackened, atmospheric, technical death metal band Altarage via Season Of Mist. FFO: Portal, Abyssal, and Malthusian. Flight shares clips, praises the bands incredible rise in infamy over just 3 years, gets ill over their slimy, sli...

Lunar Ascension Jan. 22, 2019

Lunar Asscension
by Ars Magna Umbrae

The Pitch: The return of Polish solo black metal project Ars Magna Umbrae, this time wtih the support of I, Voidhanger Records. FFO: Deathspell Omega, Outre, Nightbringer What I Like: Ars Magna Umbrae's 2017 effortInto The Inescapable Madness seemed like an obvious harbinger of great things to come...

A Culinary Cacophony Jan. 22, 2019

A Culinary Cacophony
by Horrisonous

Following a strong EP The Plague Doctors back in 2016, Australias Horrisonous has returned with their debut full length A Culinary Cacophony. Despite being a relatively new death metal band, their roster features members who have been in groups like Illimitable Dolor, Pestilential Shadows, and Golgo...

Void of Infinite Horror Jan. 21, 2019

Void of Infinite Horror
by Vessel Of Iniquity

The Pitch: One man UK black/death/noise projectVessel Of Iniquity follow up the excellent debut EP with another excellent short release via Xenoglossy Productions. FFO:Gnaw Their Tongues,Impetuous Ritual, Autokrator What I Like: Vessel Of Iniquity sounds like a vicious cyclone of razor-sharp nails ...

Gammal är äldst Jan. 21, 2019

Gammal är äldst
by Wan

Swedish black metal band Wan dropped their latest EP Gammal r ldst right near the end of 2018, so chances are you might have missed it. While established fans may have had to wait a few years between 2013s Enjoy the Filth and 2017s Wan Way to Hell, this EP comes quickly by comparison and shows that ...

Atmospheres Of Desolation Jan. 21, 2019

Atmospheres Of Desolation
by Noctambulist

The Pitch: Denver-based dissonant, devouring death metal band Noctambulist unleash their debut full length album via Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter Productions. FFO: Abyssal, Ulcerate, Altarage What I Like: Noctambulist don't just come strong out of the gate; they knock it right the f#$k over. Wi...

Misery Never Forgets Jan. 18, 2019

Misery Never Forgets
by Wristmeetrazor

The Pitch: A project reportedly born as an outlet for trauma, metalcore/screamo act Wristmeetrazor drops surprisingly interesting new album via Prosthetic Records. FFO: Zao, The Bled, Haste The Day What I Like: Despite their edgy boi band name, Wristmeetrazor ended up being right up my alley. This ...

Evolution Made Us Jan. 17, 2019

Evolution Made Us
by Zayn

The Pitch: Croatian progressive instrumental metal band Zayn return after 3 years with a new EP for your listening pleasure. FFO: Russian Circles, Cotillion, Engines of Gnosis What I Like: Zayn aren't the most complex of progressive bands when it comes to performance or composition. Instead, they c...

Ep 13: Flight's Story Jan. 16, 2019

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus, at absolutely no one's request, shares his own story of developing an interest in metal leading up to becoming co-creator and head writer of He also hopes none of the bands or labels featured in clips block this due to copyright. Sit back, relax, and hear the nosta...

Malice of Antiquity Jan. 16, 2019

Malice of Antiquity
by Astrophobos

The Pitch: Classic Swedish black metal sounds from Astrophobos via Triumvirate Records. FFO: Dissection, Skeletonwitch, In Twilight's Embrace What I Like: Any time you bring me a vocalist who sounds like he's constantly coughing up phlegm a la Chance Garnette, for some reason I'm already on board. ...

Pain Do Not Hurt Jan. 15, 2019

Pain Do Not Hurt
by ILS

The Pitch: Portland-based noise rock/sludge group ILSlay down an EP that is equal parts vicious and hypnotic via P.O.G.O.FFO: Daughters, Jesus Lizard, Haan What I Like: Instant love for these guys. Primed from my spiritual experience with last year's Daughters and Ken Mode albums, I was ready for m...

Inner Death Jan. 15, 2019

Inner Death
by Ectovoid

The Pitch: Following up their critically acclaimed LP Dark Abstraction, Alabama death metal band Ectovoid drop a new EP via Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter. FFO: Gutter Instinct, Outre-Tombe, Shed The Skin What I Like: While just a short 3 songs, I enjoyed Dark Abstraction enough to be excited to ...

Reign of the Odious Jan. 14, 2019

Reign of the Odious
by Musmahhu

The Pitch: The oppressive sophomore album from Swedish blackened death metal band Musmahhu presented via Iron Bonehead. FFO: Mephorash, Descent, Sulphur Aeon What I Like: Put simply, Reign of the Odious is a really solid album. There's no filler, the quality remains consistent throughout, and it's ...

Slay For Satan Jan. 14, 2019

Slay For Satan
by Devouror

Though their press bio mentions that they formed only a few months ago, you wouldnt know it listening to Devourors debut EP Slay For Satan. The black/death metal band was formed by members of Impiety, Depravity, and Infernal Execrator and focuses on fast riffing and all-out violence similar to the e...

The 9th King Jan. 11, 2019

The 9th King
by Saqra's Cult

Belgian black metal band Saqras Cult has returned nearly two years after their debut full-length with a sophomore effort titled The 9th King, bringing more powerful riffing and swirling atmosphere with them. Coming in slightly shorter than its predecessor, this album takes a similar approach to its ...

A Patient Man Jan. 11, 2019

A Patient Man
by Cult Leader

The Pitch: Finally paying tribute to the critically lauded, stylistically diverse new album from SLC band Cult Leader. FFO: Converge, The Apex, Zao What I Like: A Patient Man has been making the rounds with all of my favorite sites and online personalities; and for good reason. Cult Leader have cra...

Ep 12: Noctambulist Interview! Jan. 10, 2019

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

Time for another episode of Trench Talk. FlightOfIcarus interviews Denver, CO technical death metal band Noctambulist regarding their debut album, Atmospheres of Desolation out January 21st via Blood Harvest Records and Helter Skelter Productions. We share clips, talk band influences from Icelandic ...

Toxic Vows Jan. 10, 2019

Toxic Vows
by Of Grace And Hatred

The Pitch: Possibly the most overlooked hardcore album of 2018 from Norwegian band Of Grace And Hatred via Loyal Blood Records. FFO: Every Time I Die, The Armed, The Locust What I Like: Holy f#$k this album slaps so goddam hard. Toxic Vows exemplifies what a 10 on our Enjoyability scale truly stand...

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