Raffy Reviews - Demiurgon: 'The Oblivious Lure' July 22, 2019

The Oblivious Lure
by Demiurgon

Background Demiurgonis one of those bands that've been on our radar as of late due to a new recent release. The relatively new group is based in Modena, Italy and have two-full length albums under their belt thus far. Much like similar stuff such asFleshgod Apocalypseand the likes of tech death fav...

Metal Controversy Discussion w/ Heavy Metal History July 22, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 40
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus sits down with Dustin of the Heavy Metal History podcast to discuss various layers of past and present metal controversies, whether you can separate the artists from the music, cancel culture, and much more. Specific examples include Decaitated, Tim Lambesis, Mikko Aspa of Deathspell ...

Brand Of Sacrifice, Immortal Bird, Abyssal July 19, 2019

Recommendation Roundup 7/19/19
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus recommends recent albums from Brand Of Sacrifice, Immortal Bird, and Abyssal. Like them? Buy them now. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitter, and Insta...

The Nemean Ordeal July 19, 2019

The Nemean Ordeal
by Dekadent

The Pitch: Slovenia-based melodic black metal band Dekadent deliver their 4 year follow up to the intriguing Veritas via Dusktone Records. FFO: Enslaved, Moonsorrow, Katatonia What I Like: What struck me about Dekadent so many years ago is the uniqueness of their sound, and that quality continues t...

Metaportal July 18, 2019

by Wormed

The Pitch: Spain's brutal sci fi tech deathers Wormed go all Event Horizon on your ears with a new EP via Season Of Mist. "A nano technological war has been unleashed in the void to defeat the last sower of human life, Krighsu."FFO: Wormhole, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy What I Like: There are very few b...

Slipknot, Korn, SOAD (Video) July 18, 2019

Bands That Changed My Life IV
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus reminisces on more key moments from his early development as a metalhead, this time tackling Slipknot, Korn, and System of a Down (and also a nugget from Mudvayne). SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the...

Idols of Existence July 17, 2019

Idols of Existence
by Luck Wont Save You

The Pitch: Idaho deathcore bandLuck Wont Save (feat. the drummer ofRivers Of Nihil) drop a second riff-heavy EP. FFO:Aborted,Within The Ruins, Chelsea Grin What I Like: Luck Won't Save You have really embraced some obvious metalcore roots on this one. The vocals are still vicious and brutal enough ...

Date Animals July 17, 2019

Date Animals
by Lesbian Wallet

The Pitch: Experimental stoner rock and post-hardcore from Italian trio Lesbian Wallet. FFO:The Jesus Lizard. Melvins, Mike Patton What I Like: Lesbian Wallethave seemingly stepped out of a time warp where strange albums like Nirvana's Bleach and Mr. Bungle's self-titled debut were still commercial...

Raffy Reviews - Disentomb: 'The Decaying Light' July 16, 2019

The Decaying Light
by Disentomb

Background Disentombmake a sudden return once again with their third full-length album. Formed in Brisbane, Australia sometime within the late 2000s, the brutallic death metal quartet have done so and continue to make a mark on the scene both down under and around the globe with their monstrous liv...

Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul July 16, 2019

Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul
by Seraph In Travail

The Pitch:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania blackened melodic death metal band Seraph In Travail serve up a hook-laden new album. FFO: The Black Dahlia Murder, Vale Of Pnath, Cradle Of Filth What I Like: Another great moment where a band I had never heard of before completely blew me away within a just fe...

Antipode July 15, 2019

by Impavida

Eleven years have passed since Impavidas debut full length Eerie Sceneries came out. In that span of time, Lantls Markus Siegenhort left the band and project creator E. aka God Killing Himself has brought in an anonymous American vocalist for the second full-length Antipode. Where the band drew upon...

Talking Melodeath w/ AERITH (Members of Aborted) July 15, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 39
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus speaks with Aaron Green of melodic death metal band AERITH, which also features Aborted's Ken Bedene. We talk about the state of the genre, In Flames, Ken's busy touring schedule, new material from the band, and building a brand. Thanks for listening!PleaseSUBSCRIBEand also listen via...

Ranking 2nd Wave Black Metal July 12, 2019

Black Metal Tier List
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus ranks the classic 2nd wave black metal bands. Think you can do better? SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and support us on Patreon....

Mouthbreather Interview July 12, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 38
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus gets slap happy with noisey / mathgrind / powerviolence band Mouthbreather and attempts to salvage the semblance of an interview experience along the way. They talk headlining the upcoming Mathcore IndexFest in Oakland California, new material, and beyond that pretty much utter nonsen...

Raffy Reviews - Consumed By Vultures: 'Pseudobiblion' July 11, 2019

by Consumed By Vultures

Background Switzerland's very ownConsumed By Vulturesis one vast outfit that has many reasons to exist. One being that, since their 2013 inception, the band has incorporated many different elements and instruments into their style or brand of brutal death metal in order to branch out and avoid bein...

Binary Garden July 11, 2019

Binary Garden
by Auras

The Pitch: Progressive metalcore from Ontario bandAuras,conceptually inspired by similar concepts as Black Mirror (when it was still good). Via eOne Music and Good Fight, FFO: Textures, Periphery, Kadinja What I Like: Auras is another band seemingly interested in taking up the mantle left byTexture...

Raffy Reviews - Ecliptic Vision: 'Ecliptic Vision' July 10, 2019

Ecliptic Vision
by Ecliptic Vision

Background Ecliptic Visionstands tall as some pretty otherworldly and crushing four piece outfit of New Yorkers that's been slowly but surely making a blip on the radar in recent years. Since the band's inception around five years ago, two full-length albums and one EP have seen a release and, thus...

We Are In Transit July 10, 2019

We Are In Transit

The Pitch: Progressive experimental death metal EP from WAIT, feat. current and ex-members of asExist,DeathToAll,DefeatedSanity, Cynic,JeffLoomis, Intervals, Monuments, andSkyharbor. Courtesy of The Artisan Era. What I Like: From Inferi to Warforged, The Artisan Era continue to pump out the biggest...

The Nothingness Transfiguration July 9, 2019

The Nothingness Transfiguration
by Deorc Absis

Formed in 2016 by members of Logic of Denial and Sickening, Italys Deorc Absis diverges from its members brutal death metal roots in favor of twisting and turning black/death metal. On their debut EP The Nothingness Transfiguration the group offers up swirling and constantly shifting instrumentation...

Sarinvomit / Eggs Of Gomorrh Split July 9, 2019

Encomium of Depraved Instincts
by Eggs Of Gomorrh

The Pitch: Fresh on the heels of their own releases, Turkey's Sarinvomit and Switzerland's Eggs of Gomorrh join forces for a filthy black metal split made even more unholy by Krucyator Productions. What I Like: Both of these bands seem to carry the reincarnated spirit ofMayhem's first incarnation; ...

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