Raffy Reviews - Accursed Spawn: 'The Virulent Host' March 22, 2019

The Virulent Host
by Accursed Spawn

Background The Canadian death metal scene is an underground sea of brutality, technical mastery, and awe-inspiring presence. From countless offerings to choose from in the form of the likes of more obscure greats such asAEPOCHto more well-known acts likeBeneath The Massacre, there is truly an abund...

Aoratos Interview Podcast March 22, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 22
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus interviews Naas Alcameth, frontman of Colorado-based black metal projects Nightbringer, Akhlys, and most recently Aoratos. We discuss the new bands debut album, differences from previous projects, songwriting choices, upcoming shows, and more. Get the album on March 22 via Debemur Mor...

The Illusory Self Exclusive Track Premiere March 22, 2019

Dead Gods
by The Illusory Self

New York eclectic death metal crewThe Illusory Self (members of The Hudson Horror, Dead Wake) have a new release coming this April and we've got the exclusive premiere of the Twin Peaks-inspired track "Blue Roses." Full disclosure, frontman Dan and I have been friends since his The Hudson Horror da...

Horizon Ontheemt March 22, 2019

Horizon Ontheemt
by Nusquama

Haeresis Noviomagi and its associated bands have been some of the most interesting to watch in European black metal over the past few years, as groups like Turia, Solar Temple, and Lubbert Das have showcased beautiful and violent material that each went off in their own direction. The newest project...

Car Made Of Glass / Bodyache Split Premiere March 21, 2019

Car Made Of Glass / Bodyache
by Car Made Of Glass / Bodyache

Bare witness to your demise with one of the most abrasive, destructive releases we've covered to date. Less music than pure violence, we present to you the exclusive premiere stream of this split between Car Made Of Glass and Bodyache. It's an unrelenting challenge to even the most steadfast of list...

Equinox March 21, 2019

by Chronologist

The Pitch:Instrumental progressive metal EP from Austin, TX band Chronologist. FFOAnimals as Leaders,Mendel,Sarah Longfield What I Like: Following up the excellent album Cartographer, Chronologist have dropped 4 new songs under the title Equinox, the first in a new 4-part concept series set to rele...

Damnatio Ad Bestias March 21, 2019

Damnatio Ad Bestias
by Imprecation

Imprecation made a huge impact with their 2013 full length Satanae Tenebris Infinita, which saw the reformed band take the haunting keyboard melodies and crushing instrumentation from their 90s demos and EPs and pushing everything to the next level. The death metal group has been quiet since then, a...

Empire March 21, 2019

by Windwaker

The Pitch: Australian metalcore band Windwaker unveil their catchy new EP, Empire. FFO: Parkway Drive, Periphery, Make Them Suffer What I Like: Catchy is definitely the key word here. Windwaker's unabashed willingness to get downright poppy may turn some listeners away, but I would much rather have...

Masque March 20, 2019

by Vircolac

After two demos and an EP, Irelands Vircolac have unleashed their debut full length Masqueand its worth the wait for anyone with an interest in atmospheric and morbid sounding death metal. While the groups displayed influences from the 80s and 90s brand of the genre before theyve never fallen into p...

Pyrrhic March 20, 2019

by Frosthelm

The Pitch: Finally, four years after the excellent The Endless Winter, North Dakota blackened thrash metal band Frosthelm bring us their new sophomore effort. FFO: Skeletonwitch, Necropanther, Watain What I Like: The Endless Winter was among my favorite underground releases of 2015: pure, balls to ...

The Spearwound Salvation March 20, 2019

The Spearwound Salvation
by Ultra Silvam

The Pitch: A truly wicked debut from Swedish black metal trio Ultra Silvam via Shadow Records. FFO: Taake, Murg, Crimson Throne What I Like: There are far too many black metal artists around today to cover even a fraction of them, and as such my preference tends to be towards only the most refreshi...

Feral Blood March 19, 2019

Feral Blood
by The Owls Are Not What They Seem

The Owls Are Not What They Seem has been getting into listeners heads with dark and unsettling music for quite a few years now, and while the lineup has changed slightly in that time Bobby Yagodich and company have continued to deliver a cohesive experience that transports you to an entirely differe...

I Can't Help This Feeling March 19, 2019

I Can't Help This Feeling
by End It All

The Pitch: Australian metallic hardcore band End It All inflict copious amounts of pain with this to-the-point EP. FFO: Harms Way, Jesus Piece, Hatebreed What I Like: I Can't Help This Feeling, unlike the REO Speedwagon classic "Can't Fight This Feeling," is not a feel good anthem about young love....

Outpregnate March 19, 2019

by Eggs Of Gomorrh

The Pitch:Swiss "necrosadistic elite" blackened death metallers Eggs Of Gomorrh tear your mind asunder with this sickening and technical new release from Krucyator Productions. FFO: Malthusian, Archgoat, Sadomator What I Like: "Outpregnate represents a universe where medieval satanism arises and ex...

Aoratos Review and Interview March 18, 2019

Gods Without Name
by Aoratos

The Pitch:The latest offering from prolific, Colorado-based black metal musician Naas Alcameth (Akhlys, Nightbringer), new projectAoratospromises "a reflection of the eidola and egregore arisen from the liminal thresholds. FFO: Akhylis, Nightbringer, Outre What I Like: I've been a big fan of Naas A...

Eterno Rancor March 18, 2019

Eterno Rancor
by Besta

Portugals Besta has been releasing raging grindcore since 2012, with this years Eterno Rancor full length serving as their ninth release to date. For many of you in North America this may prove to be your first exposure to the band but their particular style is likely to be a familiar one, blending ...

Venom Prison + March 17, 2019

Trench Talk Ep 21
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus discusses the second album from UK band Venom Prison via Prosthetic Records. Afterwards, hear clips and shoutouts for the latest from Contrarian, Noisem, and the Sense Offender/Pupil Slicer Split. Finally, Flight closes by sharing mixed thoughts on the new Fallujah.PleaseSUBSCRIBEand ...

Metal Memes (Video) March 17, 2019

Metal Memes
by Metal Trenches

I blame you all and the current times for this. This is what I'm reduced to. But in all seriousness, just trying to draw some more eyes to our much more important content. Come for the memes, stay for the bands. Also, please send links and threads to BETTER metal memes. Either in the comments or hit...

Raffy Reviews - I KILLED EVERYONE: 'Lamenting Hymns' March 15, 2019

Lamenting Hymns

Background Formed in the state of Illinois around 2008, today's band is one that's had a lot of talks about them due to their influence as well as seemingly longwinded inactivity since 2013.I KILLED EVERYONEis a five-piece deathcore outfit that has released thus far three albums based on themes of ...

Cease To Exist March 15, 2019

Cease To Exist
by Noisem

The Pitch:The lean and mean third LP from Baltimore grind/thrash/death outfit Noisem via 20 Buck Spin. FFO:Repulsion, Nasum, Mammoth Grinder. What I Like: What else really needs to be said other than Cease To Exist plays it fast and ugly. These breezy 22 minutes are powered almost exclusivey by dis...

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