Benthos - II (Album Review) April 22, 2021

II (Benthos)
by Benthos

Italian progressive metal band Benthos formed in 2018 and has refined their style over the past few years into a mix of soaring melodic instrumentation and more complex heavy rhythms. With two of its members having gone to The Guiseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music, the band brings a bit more of the p...

Altarage - Succomb (Album Review) April 22, 2021

by Altarage

Review of Altarage and their new 2021 album Succumb via Season Of Mist. Altarage is a blackened, technical death metal band based out of Spain that is highly recommended for fans of Portal, Abyssal, and Malthusian. This album is preceded by a flawless discography including Nihil in 2016, Endinghent ...

Phreneticum - Der Stille Zerfall (Album Review) April 20, 2021

Der Stille Zerfall
by Phreneticum

German black metal band Phreneticum has been around since 2015 in various forms, initially having a full lineup before scaling back to the duo that is present on debut album Der Stille Zerfall. But even with just two people, the amount of noise and jagged edges emanating from this material leaves an...

Capra - In Transmission (Album Review) April 20, 2021

In Transmission
by Capra

Review of Capra and their 2021 debut album In Transmission via Metal Blade and Blacklight Media. Capra is a metalcore and hardcore band based out of Louisiana that originally formed in 2015and are very much recommended for fans of Every Time I Die given their penchant for Southern-fried guitar hooks...

ERRA - ERRA (Album Review) April 20, 2021


ERRA has become a significant part of progressive metal and metalcore since their creation in 2009, with each of their albums offering a slightly different take. For their fifth full-length the band has opted to go the self-titled route, which feels appropriate since theyve used it to enhance the in...

The Dust Coda - Mojo Skyline (Album Review) April 19, 2021

Mojo Skyline
by The Dust Coda

This year Ive enjoyed diving back into some good old rock n roll and have found bands that have brought in influences from across the decades while still bringing a modern flair. One label thats been focused on bringing plenty of rock out in recent years is Earache Records, better known for their co...

Dead World Reclamation - Aura Of Iniquity (Album Review) April 19, 2021

Aura Of Iniquity
by Dead World Reclamation

Review of Dead World Reclamation and their new 2021 album Aura Of Iniquity. Dead World Reclamation is a Tempe, Arizona-based technical melodic death metal band very much in the vein of The Black Dahlia Murder and Inferi. Aura Of Iniquity is their sophomore effort, following Sentient all the way back...

Capra Interview: In Transmission April 18, 2021

Capra Interview
by Capra

An interview with Capra regarding their new 2021 album In Transmission via Metal Blade Records. Capra is a metalcore and hardcore band based out of Louisiana that originally formed in 2015and are very much recommended for fans of Every Time I Die given their penchant for Southern-fried guitar hooks ...

Rapture - Malevolent Demise Incarnation Review April 16, 2021

Malevolent Demise Incarnation
by Rapture

Greeces Rapture has been offering up blistering death/thrash since 2012, recalling the earlier days in the 80s where the two styles of metal hadnt truly split off from each other yet. Their third full length Malevolent Demise Incarnation leans heavily into fast and unrelenting riffs that let some da...

Cannibal Corpse Tier List April 16, 2021

Ranking Cannibal Corpse
by Cannibal Corpse

Ranking the albums of Cannibal Corpse best to worst tier list style. Cannibal Corpse is of course the legendary death metal band out of Tampa, Florida. Share your own favorites in the comments and let's celebrate diversity of opinion and above all: our shared love of Cannibal Corpse. Albums ranked f...

Corr Mhóna - Abhainn (Album Review) April 15, 2021

by Corr Mhóna

Formed back in 2008 by two pairs of brothers, Irish band Corr Mhna merge elements of black metal, doom, and progressive rock/metal on their sophomore effort Abhainn. While that description might immediately bring the likes of Primordial to mind, this band proves to be quite the different beast as th...

To The Grave - Epilogue (Album Review) April 15, 2021

by To The Grave

Review of To The Grave and their new 2021 album Epilogue via Unique Leader Records. TO THE GRAVE is a deathcore band out of Sydney, Australia. Kicking off their career with the No Lives Matter EP in 2016, they toured extensively with the likes of Alpha Wolf, Justice For The Damned Gravemind. This w...

CROWN - The End of All Things (Album Review) April 15, 2021

The End of All Things

Frances CROWN has never been a predictable band, as they started off on a track similar to Godflesh but transformed into a hybrid of sludge, doom, and industrial with pulsing electronics and a flair for experimentation that made them a bit different. Where Psychurgy and Natron emphasized very harsh ...

Vetter - Av sublim natur (Album Review) April 14, 2021

Av sublim natur
by Vetter

Nine years after Vetterkult, Vetter has returned with sophomore effort Av sublim natur. Formed in 2003 by Hvard Tveito as a solo project focused on the nature of his home country Norway, Vetter has utilized some different musical elements since its earlier days, and this holds true on this latest al...

Mānbryne - Heilsweg: O udręce ciała i tułaczce duszy (Album Review) April 14, 2021

Heilsweg: O udręce ciała i tułaczce duszy
by Mānbryne

Poland continues to be one of the most interesting countries to follow when it comes to black metal, as while it had plenty of bands who followed the second wave influences early on there is now a wide range of artists channeling that same raw intensity as well as ones with more experimental influen...

The Armed - Ultrapop (Album Review) April 13, 2021

by The Armed

Review of The Armed and their new 2021 album ULTRAPOP. The Armed is... (closeup hm face) was a hardcore group formed in Detroit Michigan in 2009. I initially caught wind of them with 2015's EXCELLENT Untitled, which to me is just the pinnacle of highly aggressive, metallic hardcore and easily one of...

Forsmán - Dönsum Í Logans Ljóma (EP Review) April 12, 2021

Dönsum Í Logans Ljóma
by Forsmán

Given the niche nature of black metal within the wider musical context and the smaller size of Iceland, it hasnt been surprising in recent years that a lot of newer bands have had connections to established projects. But sometimes completely new entities emerge, which is the case with Forsmn, who be...

While She Sleeps - Sleeps Society (Album Review) April 12, 2021

Sleeps Society
by While She Sleeps

Review of While She Sleeps and their new 2021 album Sleeps Society via Sleeps Brothers and Spinefarm Records. While She Sleeps is a metalcore band formed in Sheffield, UK with 4 previous albums under their belt including 2017s You Are We and 2019s So What. This 5th outing shares its name with their ...

Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined (Album Review) April 12, 2021

Violence Unimagined
by Cannibal Corpse

Review of Cannibal Corpse and their new 2021 album Violence Unimagined via Metal Blade Records. Cannibal Corpse is as death metal band formed in 1988 and one of the big driving forces of the genre's Florida scene. Violence Unimagined is the band's FIFTEENTH album in their thirty-second year of exist...

The Best Metal On Bandcamp #38 April 9, 2021

The Best Metal On Bandcamp #38
by Metal Trenches

Sharing more of the latest requests and recommendations in search of the best underground metal bands and albums on Bandcamp from black and death metal to metalcore and deathcore. This week we review: - Review by FlightOfIcarus SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, an...

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