Dimensions July 10, 2020

by Lantern

Finlands Lantern has stood out in the past thanks to their use of melody alongside the usual crushing black and death metal base and an emphasis on riffs rather than just creating atmosphere. Over the years the group has gone from murkier tones to cleaner tones that still retains the same darkness a...

Ensiferum Tier List + Thalassic Review July 10, 2020

Ranking Ensiferum
by Ensiferum

Ranking the discography of Finnish folk metal and melodic death metal legends Ensiferum on the eve of their new album Thalassic. Watch me talk through all of their albums from the Self-Titled and Iron to Two Paths and Thalassic Tier List style. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Cast...

Magickal Mystical Indifference July 10, 2020

Magickal Mystical Indifference
by Rebel Wizard

The Pitch:Always riff-driven blackened heavy metal entityRebel Wizard is back with another thrilling album,Magickal Mystical Indifference, viaProsthetic Records. FFO:Absu,Vektor,Skeletonwitch What I Like:I've been following this quirky Melbourne, Australian project since its early EP's in 2016, and...

Seek and Destroy #2 July 9, 2020

Seek and Destroy #2
by Metal Trenches

Browsing Bandcamp to find more underground metal gems. This time I cover Eriphion, Atrae Bilis, Vile Creature, Teeth, Avandra, Fullminator, and Neverbreath. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your c...

False Peace July 9, 2020

False Peace
by Aseitas

The Pitch:Portland, Oregon band Aseitas challenge the mind and punch the gut with their doozy of a sophomore album False Peace via Lizard Brain Records. FFO: Pyrrhon, Cult Leader, Car Bomb What I Like:At just shy of an hour and 15 minutes, False Peace is one of my most daunting listening experience...

Skeleton July 9, 2020

by Skeleton

Austin based Skeleton has been lurking in the underground for about four years now, releasing two EPs before signing to 20 Buck Spin for this years self-titled effort. While their previous material skewed very close to 80s hardcore punk and thrash that recalled the noisier Japanese and UK sides of t...

A Little Roy One On One July 8, 2020

A Little Roy One On One
by Wreck Of The Minotaur

The Pitch:Digging deep with this 2009 release from UK mathgrind band Wreck Of The Minotaur. What I Like:As I write this, my mind is rapidly degrading from a combination of cabin fever, sleep deprivation, and general malaise; but there's a backlog of requests to get through and this absolute brain-m...

Shrapnel - "Might Of Cygnus" July 8, 2020

Palace For The Insane
by Shrapnel

Check out this sick thrash metal from Shrapnel if you dig bands like Exodus, Power Trip, and Kreator. Their new album Palace For The Insane is out now via Candlelight Records. This is the opening track, Might of Cygnus. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChut...

Vestal Claret July 7, 2020

Vestal Claret
by Vestal Claret

Vestal Claret may not be as well known as some of the other bands Phil Swanson has fronted over the years, but this Connecticut based heavy metal group has released two full lengths and a slew of EPs and splits since their creation in 2005. While their influences have always felt a bit more diverse ...

The Antinomian July 7, 2020

The Antinomian
by Dawn of Ashes

The Pitch:Aggro industrial metal crewDawn Of Ashescontinue to feed the unrest withThe Antinomian viaArtoffact Records. FFO:3Teeth,Skinny Puppy,Mindless Faith What I Like:Dawn of Ashes have come a long way in just 4 years since initially catching my attention withTheophany. What started out as more ...

By Chance July 7, 2020

By Chance
by Mora Prokaza

Formerly a more traditional black metal project, Belarusian duo Mora Prokaza deliver a strange new breed of blackened trap on their wild new album By Chance via Season Of Mist. FFO: Odd Future meets Carach Angren. - Review by FlightOfIcarus SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castb...

Ensiferum Interview (Petri Lindroos) July 6, 2020

Trench Talk Ep 71
by Ensiferum

Chatting with Petri Lindroos of legendary folk metal and melodic death metal band Ensiferum about the new album Thalassic, new members, cancelled festivals, the bummer of being stuck at home, and more. Be sure to support the band, especially in this difficult time by picking up the record, merch, et...

Spectres of Bloodshed July 3, 2020

Spectres of Bloodshed
by Blood Stronghold

Australian black metal musician Nightwolf has been quite busy in recent years, as not only has he been releasing almost an album a year with Runespell but his other band Blood Stronghold has been just as prolific. While both groups pull from somewhat similar territory, Blood Stronghold finds Nightwo...

For Fans Of Every Time I Die July 3, 2020

by Every Time I Die

Running down five bands for fans of the Southern hardcore groove and mathcore aggression of Every Time I Die including The Callous Daoboys, American Standards, Of Grace and Hatred, Capra, and Bore. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like a...

Deus Inversus July 2, 2020

Deus Inversus
by Black Altar/Kirkebrann

While some bands churn out full lengths every year or two, others tend to stick with short-form releases that give listeners hints of their progression in smaller doses. Split albums are often a great way for these ideas to manifest, and this is the case with the latest split between long-running bl...

Seek and Destroy #1 July 2, 2020

Seek and Destroy #1
by Metal Trenches

Testing a new segment today. Sampling some of the latest requests and findings from underground metal bands on Bandcamp including Bog Wizard, Catercorner, Northpolyptica, Vampiric, Blood Obliteration, Cerebromeningitis, Infer, and Enterprise Earth. Let me know what you think of this format and wheth...

Curse July 2, 2020

by ILS

The Pitch:Portland-based noise rock/sludge groupILSdrop their debut album viaP.O.G.O.FFO:Daughters,Jesus Lizard,Haan What I Like:ILS' EPPain Do Not Hurt was a surprise hit for me in 2019, and one of the few rock records even worth a damn in a mostly dead genre. Hearing those tracks now as a part of...

Aseitas "Impermance" Commentary July 1, 2020

False Peace
by Aseitas

Starting the hype train for the new album from Portland progressive, technical metal band Aseitas 'False Peace' with the music video for wicked track "Impermanence." Think a mixture of Pyrrhon, Cult Leader, Warforged, etc. The album is sick, so don't sleep on it. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podc...

Dream Squasher June 30, 2020

Dream Squasher
by -(16)-

Although theyve been around for nearly as long as some of the better-known sludge bands out there, Californias -(16)- has never quite reached the same level of prominence despite writing songs that stood out just as much. After breaking up in 2004 following a thirteen-year career, the group would on...

Cannibal June 30, 2020

by Bury Tomorrow

The Pitch:UK metalcore bandBury Tomorrowfurther mature their sound with Cannibal viaMusic For Nations/SonyFFO:Textures,Architects,Make Them Suffer What I Like:Bury Tomorrow caught my attention back in 2018 with their previous album Black Flame, and I am pleased to see them back again with obvious g...

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