Grima - Rotten Garden Album Review Jan. 20, 2021

Rotten Garden
by Grima

The Sysoev brothers are easily two of the busiest metal musicians in all of Russia, releasing material on an almost yearly basis with Ultar, Second to Sun, and Grima. Where the first two have other people in their ranks, Grima has always been a solo endeavor where the brothers (going by Morbius and ...

Nokturnal Mortum Tier List Jan. 20, 2021

Ranking Nokturnal Mortum
by Nokturnal Mortum

Ranking the albums of Nokturnal Mortum best to worst Tier List style. Nokturnal Mortum is a Ukranian black and folk metal band with some more progressive overtones later in their career for fans of Moonsorrow perhaps above all else. It's a pretty flawless discography if you ask me, but there are som...

Scarred - Scarred Album Review Jan. 19, 2021

by Scarred

Luxembourgs Scarred has been around for two decades now, having spent the first three years of their career in the early 2000s under the name Requiem. Despite the length of their career Scarreds material has been fairly spread out, as 2013s Gaia Medea is only their second full-length and it was the...

Bands Like Dimmu Borgir Jan. 19, 2021

Bands Like Dimmu Borgir
by Dimmu Borgir

Reviewing 5 bands recommended for fans of Dimmu Borgir. There's a lot to love about this legendary Norwegian symphonic black metal band, so why not share some lesser known groups in a similar style? SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like a...

Therion - Leviathan (Album Review) Jan. 18, 2021

by Therion

Review of Therion and their new 2021 album Leviathan via Nuclear Blast Records. Leviathan is the 17th album from the Swedish symphonic metal forerunners, hot on the heels of 2018's Beloved Antichrist after the 6 year break prior following 2012's Les Fleur du Mal. Whether you are a newcomer to the ba...

Burden Man \ OTHRS - Grievance Split Review Jan. 18, 2021

by Burden Man / OTHRS

What better way to spend the first month of 2021 than to discover new bands? Split releases continue to be a great way to easily dive into what different artists have to offer in the context of a single passage, and this is what Australian artists Burden Man and OTHRS have done on Grievance. Both or...

Aberration - Aberration EP Review Jan. 15, 2021

by Aberration

Death metal comes in many forms, but the cavernous and suffocating variety always intrigues me. Newcomer Aberration fits into this category, and with their self-titled EP they have written incredibly dense and dissonant material that pummels you with walls of sound and twisted riffs that seem to wea...

NERVOSA Interview: Diva Satanica Jan. 15, 2021

NERVOSA Interview: Diva Satanica
by Nervosa

Interview with Diva Satanica of Nervosa (and also Bloodhunter). Nervosa is a multinational, all female thrash metal group dropping their new 2021 album Perpetual Chaos via Napalm Records. Highly recommended for fans of Sepultura. I had a great time talking with Diva about Perpetual Chaos, how she jo...

Gatecreeper - An Unexpected Reality EP Review Jan. 15, 2021

An Unexpected Reality
by Gatecreeper

Live music may have been put on hold for most of 2020 and could potentially still be on hold for a good portion of this year in many regions, but one of the positive outcomes of this has been the influx of new music. With bands unable to tour, many of them have spent more time writing and releases a...

The Best Metal On Bandcamp #30 Jan. 14, 2021

The Best Metal On Bandcamp #30
by Metal Trenches

Sharing more of your requests and recommendations for underground metal albums in search of the best new metal albums on Bandcamp in 2021. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebo...

Corrupt Moral Altar - Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things EP Review Jan. 14, 2021

Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things
by Corrupt Moral Altar

Corrupt Moral Altars been offering up a blend of sludge and grindcore for the better part of eight years, and the UK band has managed to combine those genres in ways that have felt different from the norm on their two full lengths Mechanical Tidesand Eunoia. Theyve continued this on their latest EP ...

Sagenland - Oale groond Album Review Jan. 13, 2021

Oale groond
by Sagenland

More and more black metal projects have come out of the woodwork in recent years after years in dormancy, with some releasing their debut full length two decades after a handful of demos in the 90s. Dutch black metal band Sagenland falls into this category, as they formed in 2001 and have ideas that...

Septicflesh Tier List Part 1 Jan. 13, 2021

Ranking Septicflesh 1
by Septicflesh

Ranking the albums of Septicflesh best to worst Tier List style. Septicflesh is a Greek symphonic death metal band that has been kicking around since the 90's. This is part 1 of 2, tackling Septicflesh's original, pre-breakup discography from Mystic Places Of Dawn through Sumerian Daemons. Be sure t...

The Best TRIBULATION Album You Never Heard Jan. 12, 2021

The Horror
by Tribulation

A quick review of the best Tribulation album you've probably never heard: The Horror. With the new album Where the Gloom Becomes Sound on the horizon, when most people think of Tribulation, they probably think of their real breakout album The Children Of The Night from 2015, or the follow-up 2018 al...

Fractal Generator - Macrocosmos Album Review Jan. 12, 2021

by Fractal Generator

Technical death metal always seems to be more appealing when theres a sci-fi angle involved, which is something Fractal Generator has brought into their material from the very beginning. Formed back in 2008, the Canadian trio re-released their 2015 Apotheosynthesis on Everlasting Spew Records in 201...

Tantivy - Eyes in the Night EP Review Jan. 11, 2021

Eyes in the Night
by Tantivy

Rock n roll and heavy metal will never die, and every time I find a new band comes along that reminds me of times long past it proves that statement all over again. One of these newcomers is Wisconsins Tantivy, a duo thats paid tribute to equal amounts of 70s and 80s hard rock, NWOBHM, punk, and eve...

Bands Like Mastodon Jan. 11, 2021

Bands Like Mastodon
by Metal Trenches

Review of 5 underground groups for fans of progressive metal bands that sound like Mastodon. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and support us on ...

Frozen Soul - Crypt of Ice Album Review Jan. 8, 2021

Crypt of Ice
by Frozen Soul

The past few years have been a great time for fans of US death metal, with new bands getting signed left and right by labels of all sizes. While the genre had gone through its lulls in parts of the 90s and 2000s, these days there is more death metal than you could ever want, with plenty of veterans ...

Malakhim - Theion Album Review Jan. 8, 2021

by Malakhim

Swedish black metal has differentiated itself from its Scandinavian peers over the years by offering equal amounts of slower, ritualistically inclined songwriting and melodies that were woven in with the blasts. While there have been plenty of bands that have blazed this path, when the strength of t...

The Best Metal On Bandcamp #29 Jan. 8, 2021

The Best Metal On Bandcamp #29
by Metal Trenches

New year, new metal! Running down more of your latest underground metal requests and recommendations in search of the best metal albums on Bandcamp. SUBSCRIBE to our Trench Talk Podcast on iTunes, Castbox, YouTube, and BitChute.You can also like and follow us on the social media of your choice wi...

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