About Metal Trenches

This site was developed as a means to help lesser-known bands and musicians gain increased exposure. I do enjoy listening to and writing about music, but nothing is more satisfying than hearing that a posted publication or link resulted in a new fan for a deserving artist.

Unlike most review sites, I will only publish what I deem worthwhile (usually an overall score of 7.5 or above). This may seem elitist, but it is not my wish to present harsh reviews or cause possible harm to a group that I may simply not understand.

If you are interested in being reviewed or promoted through Metal Trenches, send a promo or bandcamp code to the following email address. Bandcamp codes are particularly great as I can link the publication to your album page. Any promos received will kept confidential.

Happy head-banging.

Contact Info

To contact metaltrenches.com, please send an email to metal.trenches@gmail.com .

Additionally, you can contact me through my bandcamp fan page: bandcamp.com/flightoficarus86 .

If you would also like to shamelessly promoted the site, I've also gone social: