The Heretics Feb. 11, 2019

The Heretics
by Rotting Christ

The Pitch: Greek black/blackened death metal legends Rotting Christ continue to deliver solid material even 30+ years into their career with The Heretics via Season of Mist. FFO: What I Like: Rotting Christ has always struck me as a crowning example of how to harness a few simple elements to create...

Emergent Themes Feb. 8, 2019

Emergent Themes
by Duane Barry

The Pitch: Bronx, New York hardcore band Duane Barry unveil a hard-hitting new EP with some melodic flourishes for fans ofEvery Time I Die, Norma Jean, and The Fall Of Troy. What I Like: For just 3 songs, Duane Barry are really flexing their stylistic boundaries on Emergent Themes. The EP plays out...

Ethic of Radical Finitude Feb. 8, 2019

Ethic of Radical Finitude
by Downfall of Gaia

Downfall of Gaias remained on an upward trajectory over the years, moving forward in ways that naturally suited their songwriting abilities while maintaining the elements that drew listeners in previously. While more recent efforts merged in a bit more black metal alongside the sludge and post metal...

Elegy Feb. 7, 2019

by Gorgon

The Pitch: Symphonic blackened death metal from Paris-based group Gorgon via Dusktone Records. FFO: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Belphegor, Septicflesh What I Like: Take the grand, symphonic backdrop of Dimmu Borgir and pair it with the ugly, blackened death metal gargle of Belphegor, and you've got someth...

Hymnus de Antitheist Feb. 7, 2019

Hymnus de Antitheist
by Dark Helm

The Pitch: Progressive/progressive death metal with regional influences from India's Dark Helm. FFO: Meshuggah, Born Of Osiris, Omega Diatribe What I Like: Dark Helm is a pretty interesting crossbreed of bands I've been listening to over the years. Take Meshuggah's groovy riffs andBorn Of Osiris' E...

Heartstrings Feb. 6, 2019

by Jason Rodriguez

The Pitch: Another excellent showcase of solo guitar stylings from instrumental progressive metal musician Jason Rodriguez. FFO: Mendel, Sarah Longfield, Animals As Leaders What I Like: At the risk of sounding like the Dos Equis spokesman, I don't listen to a lot of instrumental music, but when I d...

Ep 16: Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum) Interview Feb. 6, 2019

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus interviews Sami Hinkka, bassist and backup vocalist for Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum. This took place at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland during a tour with Septicflesh and Arsis. Sami was a chill dude to talk to and was even willing to change locations when the opener started p...

Raffy Reviews - Capital Punishment: 'Sentenced To Capital Punishment' Feb. 6, 2019

Sentenced To Capital Punishment
by Capital Punishment

Background Capital Punishmentis the rather br00tal name of one Manchester, UK-based slamdown (as I like to call slam with beatdown influences and vice-versa) project consisting of four lads trying to make a mark in the underground metal community via some edgy lyricism, distorted chromatic riffs, b...

When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light Feb. 5, 2019

When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light
by Swallow the Sun

In the years that have passed since Swallow the Suns ambitious triple-album Songs from the North I, II III the group has been through a period of substantial change. Founding guitarist Juha Raivio has dealt with immense grief over the passing of Aleah Liane Stanbridge which resulted in one of the m...

Vol. 6 Feb. 5, 2019

Vol. 6
by Seer

The Pitch: Immersive Vancouver sludge and doom band Seer are at it again with the simply-titled Vol. 6 via Artoffact Records. FFO: Baroness, Mastodon, Bast What I Like: Seer are quickly proving themselves to be one of the most consistent sludge bands in the game. Since reissuing Vol III together in...

Nur Feb. 4, 2019

by Nur

The Pitch: Israeli sludge bandNŪR, after a number of name changes, deliver their first studio recording via Suicide Records. FFO: Wovoka, Cult Of Luna, Sumac What I Like: More and more over the past four years or so, I've become a sucker for the massive, churning distortion of sludge.NŪRis just the...

Thanatophobia Feb. 4, 2019

by Unendlich

The Pitch: Scandinavian-influenced black metal from Maryland-based duo Unendlich viaHorror Pain Gore Death Records. FFO: Watain, Violent Life Violent Death, Young And In The Way. What I Like: Thanatophobia works well enough as a pretty straightforward black metal outing, but Unendlich has a few tri...

Ep 15: Astronoid Feb. 1, 2019

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

FlightOfIcarus reviews the highly anticipated sophomore album from Bostons Astronoid. Flight rants about genre tags, compares to Danish band Mew, and shares clips from his favorite moments. Also discussed: Ars Magna Umbrae, Femur, Dawn Of Ashes, and Sonance.PleaseSUBSCRIBEand also listen viaiTunes,C...

Moritat Feb. 1, 2019

by Der Rote Milan

The Pitch: Black metal based on real events of the Thirty Years' Warfrom Germany's Der Rote Milan viaUnholy Conspiracy Deathwork. FFO: IXXI, Marduk, Mayhem What I Like: War is hell, and so is this album. From the march of the chugging chords to the harsh, militaristic command of the snarling vocals...

Abysmal Feb. 1, 2019

Abysmal (2019)
by Thetan

Hardcore/powerviolence duo Thetan has been writing bleak, violent material since 2011, but since 2014s Laughed At By the Gods their output has been limited to small contributions for splits. This year finally brings a new full length Abysmal, which brings eighteen tracks of sheer destruction in just...

Plague Jan. 31, 2019

by Mastiff

The Pitch: Kingston, UK sludge/sludgcore brigade Mastiff personify the Great Molasses Flood with their first full length via APF Records. FFO: Northless, Vermin Womb, All Pigs Must Die What I Like: This album sounds like someone just opened the floodgates to a massive river a s#!t. Ever heard of th...

Astronoid Jan. 30, 2019

by Astronoid

The Pitch: Boston band Astronoid are back with their much anticipated sophomore album via Blood Music. FFO: Mew, Coheed and Cambria, Vattnet What I Like: It's hard for me to talk about this band without going on a rant about fans and genres, but after getting a paragraph in I ended up sliding that ...

Death Ritual Jan. 30, 2019

Death Ritual
by Yatra

Doom has always been a significant part of Marylands metal scene, with bands based in every corner of the state bringing their own take on the power of the riff and almighty groove. Yatra is one of the newer bands, forming in 2017 after the break-up of guitarist/singer Dana Helmuths previous band Bl...

Raffy Reviews - Refusal: 'Epitome of Void' Jan. 29, 2019

Epitome of Void
by Refusal

Background So we've talked a little bit about the bandRotten Soundin a review last year and how they've made a comeback with their latest EPSuffer To Abuse. But now, on the heels of that grind release, we now have another contender from Finland in the form ofRefusal. Having their origins in Helsink...

The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam) Jan. 29, 2019

The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam)
by Dawn of Ashes

The Pitch: Lightly blackened industrial metal crew Dawn Of Ashes embrace their electronic leanings on the latest album via Metropolis Records. FFO: 3Teeth, Skinny Puppy, Combichrist What I Like: Get out your pleather plants and black combat boots: it's time for more Dawn Of Ashes. Sporting the synt...

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