Raffy Reviews - Summoning: 'With Doom We Come' Jan. 8, 2018

With Doom We Come
by Summoning

Background/The Band: For those familiar with the black metal realm, it is no secret that many of the genre's most influential outfits hail from Scandinavia in some form. So, it serves as a bit of a breath of "fresh air" so to speak when we get such bands from elsewhere. Even still, there exist coun...

Singleness Jan. 8, 2018

by Scarlet Phantom

The Pitch: Rollicking, djenty progressive metal from Russia's Scarlet Phantom. FFO: Mendel, Modern Day Babylon, Second To Sun What I Like: There's so much to like with this record. First of all, it's remarkably consistent. Honestly, there's not a bland song on the album. Every track had me tapping ...

Teeth Jan. 8, 2018

by Vile Ones

The Pitch: A new 6 song EP from Good Fight's own hardcore/mathcore band Vile Ones, featuringOh Sleeper vocalist Micah Kinard and ex-Scarlet members Randy Vanderbilt and Andreas Magnusson. FFO: The Armed, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Yth Forever What I Like: Ya'll should know I jump at any opportunity...

Love Jan. 5, 2018

by I Trust You To Kill Me

The Pitch: I Trust You To Kill Me is a two-piece mathcore project with members out of Pennsylvania. Their latest Name Your Price Album is an energetic affair that should please fans of Every Time I Die, The Bled, and The Chariot What I Like: This is another group I caught wind of through Mathcore I...

Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire Jan. 5, 2018

Blades, Chains, Whips & Fire
by Magick Touch

When it comes to rock n roll and heavy metal, the riff is king. Norwegian power trio Magick Touch showcased a firm grasp on that concept with their debut full length Electrick Sorcery back in 2015 and a little over two years later theyre back with another high energy release titled Blades, Chains, W...

From Day One Jan. 4, 2018

From Day One
by Harmed

The Pitch:European Metalcore quartet Harmed has released their debut EP via Famined Records. "From Day One is here to shed light on the dark side of any human being. This is about me, you and all of us. We are all Harmed From Day One!" What I Like: The single below hits like a ton of bricks to the ...

Raffy Reviews - The Stone: 'Teatar Apsurda' Jan. 3, 2018

Teatar Apsurda
by The Stone

Background/Band History: Oddly enough, this is the first black metal band (at least to my current knowledge) that I've discovered from Serbia. The genre itself is not immensely popular in that region's music scene; however, the acts that do reside there--the ones that are few and far in between-- a...

Fallow Jan. 3, 2018

by Morrow

The Pitch:UK-based, string-infused crust/hardcore group Marrow (members of Anopheli, Archivist) drop a new Name Your Price LP just in time for Christmas. FFO: Anopheli, Herida Profunda, Nukk What I Like:It's always nice to get a surprise release from a band you have been quietly following for some ...

Trident Wolf Eclipse Jan. 3, 2018

Trident Wolf Eclipse
by Watain

The Pitch: The latest album from Swedish black metal stalwarts, Watain, via Century Media Records.""After 20 years of carving our own path through and out of the world, Trident Wolf Eclipse feels like a worthy point of arrival indeed. One of power and force, shining a new harsh light upon all that h...

Raffy's Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases of 2018 Jan. 2, 2018

Well, here it is...the number 1 spot. This is a band that I hold very near and dear to me. Have been a fan of almost fifteen straight years and counting, so a long-awaited return is in order. And, now that they're officially back together again, new music is announced and could be very likely, altho...

Dark Cold Grim Jan. 2, 2018

Dark Cold Grim
by Northwind Wolves

The Pitch: Classic-sounding, symphonic black metal from California's Northwind Wolves via Black Lion Records. FFO: early Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, early Satyricon What I Like: I was already impressed after listening to the first two tracks blind, but even more so after learning that these guys are fro...

Arthaneum Jan. 2, 2018

by Redemptor

The Pitch: The third album from Polish progressive/blackened death metal band Redemptor via Selfmadegod Records. "The album is a concept built around the word ARTHA, which in Sanskrit means purpose, goal, wealth. It's a constant pursuit for resources, stabillity and fulfilment of all material things...

For These Sins Who Must Die Jan. 1, 2018

For These Sins Who Must Die
by Chronic Xorn

The Pitch: The latest album from Indian death metal/deathcore band, Chronic Xorn:"History reveals that in every religion, community and caste, there has always been a major race of common people, those who suffer and rot under the reign of a corrupted helm. Unwillingly their blood spills as the ever...

Flight's Most Anticipated Metal of 2018 Dec. 29, 2017

Please, please, please, plleeeeeeeeeease. If there is one album I've been wanting even more than Tool, it is the latest from Absu. Seeing them live last year and hearing a snippet of new material only increased my intense desire to see this record finally released. Arguably the best USBM group that ...

The Mortal Coil Dec. 28, 2017

The Mortal Coil
by Polaris

The Pitch: Djenty metalcore goodness from Australia's Polaris takes me back to the early 2000's. FFO: Underoath, Architects, A Day To Remember What I Like: If you loved albums like They're Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line, this is definitely the one for you. Very few bands these days r...

IDDQD Dec. 28, 2017

by Wvstelvnd

The Pitch: Schizoid mathgrind from Russia's Wvsteland built around concepts of videogames, movies, and books. FFO: Psyopus, Horse The Band, Full of Hell What I Like: Pure chaos punctuated with plenty of audio samples and electronic manipulation. There are few things that put a smile on my face quit...

Raffy Reviews - Perdition Winds: 'Transcendent Emptiness' Dec. 27, 2017

Transcendent Emptiness
by Perdition Winds

Background WIth the year swiftly coming to a close soon, we've had numerous albums and other releases that showcased very decent and diverse efforts in the genre of black metal. And now, right before the end of 2017, the release of Finnish black metal project'sPerdition Winds' latest full-length op...

Material Control Dec. 27, 2017

Material Control
by Glassjaw

The Pitch: Post-hardcore legend Glassjaw are at it again. 15 years after their seminal full length, Worship and Tribute, and 6 years since their comeback EP, The Coloring Book, this New York crew delivers up a brand new LP to close out 2017. What I Like: Glassjaw's sound has a timeliess quality, an...

Void Masquerading as Matter Dec. 27, 2017

Void Masquerading as Matter
by Thantifaxath

The Pitch: Dark Descent Records presents the next release from dissonant Canadian black metal trio Thantifaxath. FFO: Seputus, Veilburner, Howls of Ebb What I Like: Another stellar album that impressively illustrates the concept of spiraling into complete existential oblivion. Between the eerie str...

V: The Inside Scriptures Dec. 26, 2017

V: The Inside Scriptures
by Aosoth

The Pitch: "Aosoth is the second project of vocalist lyricist MkM (the founder of Antaeus) evolving in the black/death metal genre. While Antaeus sets boundaries for violent, grinding black metal, Aosoth delivers more dissonant and 90's death metal elements" featuring members of The Order Of Apolly...

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