Applehead- The Light Side of the Apple (Album Review) Aug. 30, 2023

The Light Side of the Apple
by Applehead

The last few years have produced a number of unexpected revivals in the rock and metal scenes. In the case of some bands and solo projects, the gap between releases has been multiple decades, and this is exactly what happened with Applehead. Applehead is the solo project of Greg Minier, who was a pa...

Anger As Art- Virtual Sympathy (Album Review) Aug. 29, 2023

Virtual Sympathy
by Anger As Art

While not as widely known as some of the big-name thrash bands from California, if youve explored the genre in depth chances are good youve come across something by Anger As Art. Formed in 2004 by vocalist/guitarist Steve Gaines as a solo project before expanding to a full band a year or so later, A...

Best NEW Metal Albums Of August 2023 Aug. 27, 2023

Best Metal August 2023
by Metal Trenches

🀘 Get ready to dive headfirst into the blistering world of heavy riffs, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals as we bring you the ultimate rundown of the Best Metal Albums of August 2023. From bone-crushing breakdowns to soaring solos, this month's metal releases are an explosive mix of innovation a...

Incantation Albums RANKED Aug. 25, 2023

Incantation Tier List
by Incantation

🀘 Get ready to descend into the abyss of brutal death and doom metal as we dive headfirst into the discography of one of the most iconic and relentless bands in the genre Incantation! In this video, we're unleashing our inner metal demons to tier list rank every spine-chilling, bone-crushing album ...

Drab Majesty- An Object In Motion (EP Review) Aug. 24, 2023

An Object In Motion
by Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty has gone through something of a popularity boom over the last five years or so, moving from more simple song structures and hooks to more expansive and ambitious concepts. As the band expanded from Deb DeMures solo work to a duo, the production values and songwriting have steadily evolv...

DETHKLOK Albums RANKED Through DETHALBUM IV! Aug. 22, 2023

Dethalbum IV
by Dethklok

🀘 Prepare to embark on a headbanging journey through the sonic landscapes of the legendary death metal juggernaut, Dethklok! 🀘 In this epic tier list video, we're going to break down and rank every bone-crushing album from the creators of "Metalocalypse." From blood-soaked riffs to thunderous drums,...

Endstille- DetoNation (Album Review) Aug. 22, 2023

by Endstille

A lot of bands release music at a consistent pace early on, but as they get into their first or second decade that rate can slow. This is especially true in Endstilles case, as from their formation in 2000 until 2013 they released a staggering eight full lengths with some coming out every year for a...

Urfaust- Untergang (Album Review) Aug. 21, 2023

by Urfaust

After two decades, Urfaust has returned to the void. Before calling it quits, the Dutch duo decided to give listener one more album in the form of Untergang and it feels like a true culmination of everything theyve done throughout their career. Originally starting off as an ambient project on their ...

Scarlet Empyrean- Nysthica (EP Review) Aug. 21, 2023

by Scarlet Empyrean

Scarlet Empyrean was a random discovery of mine when doing a Metal Archives dive of recent material that has come out, and it also serves as the first release for new label Heavens Night. Formed only a few years ago as the solo work of US musician Nattlyd, the bands first EP Nysthica showcases a mix...

Creak- Depth Perception (Album Review) Aug. 18, 2023

Depth Perception
by Creak

Nu-metal and metalcore never really went away over the years, but theyre both experiencing a boom in popularity right now as younger bands try their hand at putting a spin on the styles. Newcastle based Creak is one of the latest to join the fray, having released an EP titled Bitter Picture before t...

RINGWORM Albums RANKED Aug. 18, 2023

Ringworm Tier List
by Ringworm

Join us as we dive headfirst into the discography of Ringworm, one of the most influential forces in hardcore-infused metallic mayhem! 🀘 In this video, we present a tier list ranking all their albums, from their raw and gritty beginnings to their new 2023 album Seeing Through Fire. Witness the evolu...

Fiddlehead- Death is Nothing to Us (Album Review) Aug. 17, 2023

Death is Nothing to Us
by Fiddlehead

Since their formation in 2014, Bostons Fiddlehead has been mixing elements of melodic hardcore, alternative rock, and emo together into a mix of aggressive and reflective music. With members who have been in bands like Basement and Have Heart, Fiddleheads previous two albums evoked a strong sense of...

Orbit Culture - Descent (Album Review) Aug. 17, 2023

by Orbit Culture

πŸ”₯ Welcome to our review of Orbit Culture's highly anticipated new 2023 album 'Descent'! πŸ”₯ Prepare to be taken on a relentless sonic adventure as we dissect the powerhouse tracks that make up this release. Orbit Culture has crafted a an album that blends the intensity of modern metal with a refreshin...

Karavan- Unholy Mountain (Album Review) Aug. 16, 2023

Unholy Mountain
by Karavan

Norways Karavan are a fairly new addition to the doom scene, as they formed in 2019 and put out their debut full length back in mid-June. Doom is one of those genres that spans a wide range of harsh and clean sounds, but considering this trio named their debut Unholy Mountain its pretty clear that t...

Naked Lungs- Doomscroll (Album Review) Aug. 15, 2023

by Naked Lungs

Irelands Naked Lungs turned some heads last year with their self-titled EP, which took influence from post punk, shoegaze, and noise rock and turned it into something loud and catchy at the same time. The countrys had a knack for spawning colder, dreary post punk and shoegaze over the decades, but o...

Decoherence- Order (Album Review) Aug. 14, 2023

by Decoherence

Decoherence has kept a steady slow of music coming since 2019, sometimes putting out multiple EPs in a single year alongside their full lengths. Early on the band established themselves as a band that pulled heavily from the dissonant and industrial leaning side of black metal, bringing in everythin...

Zilched- Earthly Delights (Album Review) Aug. 11, 2023

Earthly Delights
by Zilched

Detroits Chloe Drallos has been writing music under the name Zilched since 2017, and following an EP and other singles she released the appropriately named DOOMPOP in 2020. Exploring elements of shoegaze, alternative rock, and everything in between with a noticeably darker and gloomier slant, Zilche...

Aathma- Dust From A Dark Sun (Album Review) Aug. 10, 2023

Dust From A Dark Sun
by Aathma

Spanish doom band Aathma has been around since 2007, but their material has been fairly spread out over that sixteen-year period. On each of their previous three full lengths the group has explored different elements of doom, sludge, stoner rock/metal, and the more atmospheric variants of these genr...

Hail The Sun- Divine Inner Tension (Album Review) Aug. 9, 2023

Divine Inner Tension
by Hail The Sun

Since their formation in 2009, Hail The Sun has become one of the more prominent bands playing emotional and progressive leaning post hardcore. Like some of the better-known artists in the genre, Hail The Sun has offered a similar amount of complex riffs and time signature changes mixed with strong ...

TAKH- TAKH (Album Review) Aug. 8, 2023


The bulk of TAKHs debut may have come together over the last few years, but the Belgian bands origins can be traced back to 2015. That was the year when The Black Heart Rebellions third album People, When You See the Smoke, Do Not Think It is Fields They're Burning came out, and it found the band co...

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