Raffy Reviews - All Misery: 'Entity of Revulsion' Aug. 29, 2018

Entity of Revulsion
by All Misery

Background Today's band is a brutal deathcore outfit coming out of Durango, Mexico. You've heardUpon A Burning Body andHere Comes The Kraken, now get ready forAll Misery! Formed back in 2013 and currently performing/.writing music as a five-piece group, this spicy local band takes elements of tech ...

The Last One Aug. 29, 2018

The Last One
by Circles

The Pitch: Witness the birth of a new progressive metal mainstay with the djenty tunes of Circles via Season Of Mist. FFO: Periphery, Textures, Tesseract What I Like: It appears that the death of Textures was like that of the mythical Hydra: cut off its head and 3 more take its place. Circles is th...

Towers of Grandiosity Aug. 29, 2018

Towers of Grandiosity
by Descent

The Pitch: Grimy old school blackened death metal from Australia's Descent via Redefining Darkness Records. FFO: Earth Rot, Expulsion, Crypt Rot What I Like: Another work of utter vitriol, vomited forth from the world of HM2 obsessed death metal. Led by blackened tremolos and savage, sadistic snarl...

It Came From The Archives: Meraine Aug. 29, 2018

by Meraine

The Pitch: Mathcore/post-hardcore out of Ldenscheid, Germany. This is Meraine via Moments Of Collapse Records. FFO Converge, The Armed, Grieved, Nukk What I Like: I've said it before, but I'll say it again: there is just something markedly different between European hardcore vs. North American hard...

Raffy Reviews - Gates of Tartarus: 'Ascent of the Titans' Aug. 28, 2018

Ascent of the Titans
by Gates of Tartarus

Background Some may argue that the brutal death metal scene in the US is oversaturated and repetitive due to the countless underground bands that perform the genre. And, while some of this may be the case, there still exist numerous noteworthy additions to the bdm community that strive to expand th...

Deep Wound Red Aug. 28, 2018

Deep Wound Red
by Accident Prone

The Pitch: Virginia Beach metallic hardcore outfit Accident Prone follow up their popular 2016 release Love.Hate. with a new EP. FFO: Mouthbreather, 156/Silence, American Standards What I Like: And the wheel keeps on turning. I realize that some of our readers may not be as keen on this genre, but ...

Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath Aug. 27, 2018

Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath
by Gulch

The Pitch: Creator-Destructor Records presses California raw metallic punk/hardcore outfit Gulch's latest EP to 7". FFO: Herida Profunda, Crypt Rot, Graben What I Like: As I listen toBurning Desire to Draw Last Breath, I can't help but find myself thinking back to what I thought The Misfits must so...

Retrospective Review 4: The Cleansing Aug. 24, 2018

The Cleansing
by Suicide Silence

Background Back in the mid-to-late 2000s, many fans of the core scene at the time (myself included) were indulged in the sounds of the countless deathcore bands that MySpace had to offer. One of these acts were...and still somewhat are...the California outfit known asSuicide Silence. Formed in the ...

Flight's Metallic Hardcore Madness Aug. 24, 2018

It may seem a little on the nose to include Code Orange, or alternatively you're groaning to see their name on this list at all. I know that Jami Morrison can come off as a bit of an egomaniac in interviews and the band has become a heavily packaged "scene band"; but the fact remains that Forever wa...

Primal Instinct Aug. 23, 2018

Primal Instinct
by Psykopath

The Pitch: The debut release from young Norwegian thrash/crossover band Psykopath via Loyal Blood Records. FFO: Power Trip, Testament, Exodus What I Like: I'm getting some VERY strong Power Trip vibes from this EP, and being a big fan of that raw, rebellious crossover sound, I'm definitely not comp...

The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze Aug. 23, 2018

The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze
by Mantar

The Pitch: German sludge/blackened punk duo Mantar deliver arguably their best album to date with their latest outing via Nuclear Blast. FFO: High On Fire, Red Fang, Deathrite What I Like: I caught these dudes live a few years back with Cobalt, and damn do they have a presence. Despite, or perhaps ...

Bleed Red Aug. 22, 2018

Bleed Red
by The Five Hundred

The Pitch: New metalcore release from UK's The Five Hundred via Long Branch Records. FFO: It Dies Today, Textures, Killswitch Engage. What I Like: When this band gets it right, they really nail it. Songs like "Smoke Mirrors" are incredibly catchy, with infectious riffs and well-crafted, sing along...

Slow Motion Death Sequence Aug. 22, 2018

Slow Motion Death Sequence
by Manes

Manes has always been a bit hard to pin down, as like some of their other Norwegian peers they quickly moved away from their black metal roots towards experimental and art rock directions. While the group originally disbanded in 2011, continuing on as kkoagulaa for a short period of time, it wouldnt...

Only Self Aug. 21, 2018

Only Self
by Jesus Piece

The Pitch: Punishing, uncompromising metallic hardcore from Pennsylvania's Jesus Piece via Southern Lord. FFO: Harms Way, Vein, Code Orange. What I Like: The past two years have been very good to the heavier side of the hardcore scene. In the wake of skull crushing albums from the likes of Wolf Kin...

It Came From The Archives: Otargos Aug. 21, 2018

Xeno Kaos
by Otargos

I must be behind again. I don't remember Otargos being so f@#king death metal. Suffice it to say, their latest release, Xeno Kaos, is super aggro. Deep, distorted, blackened growls are punctuated by the insane punch to the double bass. "The Ruinous Powers"...What a monster. Those thunderous notes pe...

It Came From The Archives: Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Aug. 20, 2018

by Regarde Les Hommes Tomber

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber are a French black metal group whose name roughly translates to "Watching the men fall." My lack of true knowledge of the French language aside, this is yet MORE killer black metal to grace your ears in 2015. Gigantic, oppressive, masterful: these are the words I would choo...

You Took The Sun When You Left Aug. 20, 2018

You Took The Sun When You Left
by Leeched

The Pitch: Manchester metallic hardcore crew Leeched serve up "11 dark, bleak and brutal tracks set atop of todays desolate and industrialized landscape" FFO: Left Behind, Wolf King, Code Orange What I Like: What a great title. It perfectly encapsulates the grief and bitterness of the music. You To...

Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance Aug. 17, 2018

Split w/ Unearthly Trance
by Primitive Man

The Pitch: "Denvers Primitive Man and New York Citys Unearthly Trance unite for an exercise in complete and total suffering. Across seven apocalyptic tracks, both bands tap into some of the most uncomfortable, vile realms of blackened doom and dissonant, harsh noise put to tape in the new millennium...

It Came From The Archives: Hadean Aug. 17, 2018

On Fading
by Hadean

After that first song, I had to ask myself, "what did I just listen to?" It's called "Noise Reduction Impulse," but reduction seems like a misnomer. Anyways, this is Hadean, an avant-garde progressive metal band from Massachusetts. You won't necessarily find that description in any of the tags, but ...

The Crossing Aug. 16, 2018

The Crossing
by Sails Of Serenity

The Pitch: The new album from Turkish progressive metalcore band Sails Of Serenity via Famined Records. FFO: Architects,Tesseract,Erra What I Like: There's lots of great metalcore happening outside of the US these days, but I think that Turkey is a new one for me. Following very closely in the vein...

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