Nanoångström Nov. 23, 2018

by Bast

The Pitch: Bast is a London-based sludge/doom 3-piece band that fuse a number of styles to create some very atmospheric soundscapes. After a 4 year gap, they are back withNanongstrm via Black Bow Records. FFO: Baroness, Raum Kingdom, They Grieve What I Like: In a previous review, I heaped some seri...

Written In Blood Nov. 22, 2018

Written In Blood
by The Casualties

The Pitch: New York City legendary punks The Casualties drop their 11th album viaCleopatra Records. FFO: Pennywise, Bad Religion, Iron Reagan What I Like: Every now and then I like to change things up with something besides metal. I'm a lover of all genres, and punk has always been a good choice wh...

Nagged To Death Nov. 21, 2018

Nagged To Death
by NAG

The Pitch: Norwegian 3-piece hardcore/punk/crust band NAG tear it up with recklass abandon on their latest outing via Fysisk Format. FFO: Martyrdod, Nukk, Converge What I Like: Put simply, Nagged To Death is a ferocious flurry of massive HM-2 distortion, punk riffs, and D-beat. The vocals are as pr...

Stella Nov. 20, 2018

by Super Unison

Super Unison left a lasting impression with their debut full length Auto back in 2016, which took equal amounts of post hardcore and hardcore punk and injected them with a healthy dose of shimmering alternative rock circa the early to mid-90s. It offered up just the right amount of nostalgic sound w...

Heirs Of Discord Nov. 20, 2018

Heirs Of Discord
by Graven

The Pitch: Made up of former members of Swarm Of The Lotus from across the US, Graven fuses death, grind, and doom to lay waste with their first EP in years. FFO: John Frum, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Full Of Hell What I Like: You'll find this band frequently tagged as simply "extreme metal," because ...

Zapruder Nov. 19, 2018

by Zapruder

The Pitch: Experimental and highly eclectic French mathcore project Zapruder defy all expectations with their unprecedented self-titled debut via Apathia Records. FFO: Autocatalytica, Cryptodira, The Hirsch Effekt What I Like: Where else can you find pseudo-Elvis impressions and jazz mixed with Clu...

Podcast Episode 5: SIGH! Nov. 18, 2018

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

Flight breaks down Heir To Despair from Japanese avant-garde, progressive black metal band Sigh, clarifying how a true sense of innovation seperates the men from the boys in terms of metal releases. Also mentioned: Ulthar, Iomair, and Author Punisher. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, like, comment, rate,...

P R I M I T I V E Nov. 16, 2018

by Atlas

The Pitch: Finnish "Northcore"/ metalcore crew Atlas dish out the djenty goods on their new album via Inverse Records. FFO: Architects, Make Them Suffer, Polaris What I Like: It's that time again. Gotta break up the l33t black and death metal tunes with something that isn't going to melt my brain. ...

The Interstice Nov. 15, 2018

The Interstice
by Brand of Sacrifice

The Pitch: Unique Leader Records delivers the consistently slamming new EP from Toronto technical deathcore/death metal band Brand of Sacrifice. FFO: Within Destruction, Born Of Osiris, Whitechapel What I Like: Just another all-around impressive release. These tight little 15 minutes are packed to ...

Let Pain Be Your Guide Nov. 15, 2018

Let Pain Be Your Guide
by Portrayal Of Guilt

The Pitch: Hardcore/screamo with various other influences from Austin, TX newcomers Portrayal of Guilt through Gilead Media. FFO: Zao, Death Will Tremble, Saosin What I Like: Let Pain Be Your Guide is a very eclectic and diverse album. I can already feel some of my readers cringing at the term "scr...

The Eternal Throne Nov. 14, 2018

The Eternal Throne
by Dysphotic

The Pitch: New Mexico death metal band Dysphotic return to us 3 years after Chaos Terrain with a new full length effort called The Eternal Throne. FFO: Deicide, Manipulation, Morbid Angel What I Like: Dysphotic take a doomy approach to their death metal on The Eternal Throne. Focus is on mid-paced ...

Dyatlov Nov. 13, 2018

by Jonestown

The Pitch: No nonsense, djenty metalcore from Brighton, UK's Jonestown via Long Branch Records. FFO: After The Burial, Within The Ruins, Architects What I Like: Even if you're not big on metalcore, don't go anywhere just yet. Jonestown don't sing, they don't do big, melodic choruses, and they aren'...

Matricide In The Temple Of Omega Nov. 13, 2018

Matricide In The Temple Of Omega

The Pitch: A highly challenging and bitterly uncompramising new album from underground black and death sensationVANGELIST via I, Voidhanger. FFO: Leviathan, Deathspell Omega, Lurker Of Chalice What I Like:Matricide In The Temple Of Omega is a noxious, oppressive act of mental terrorism. True toVANG...

Heir To Despair Nov. 12, 2018

Heir To Despair
by Sigh

The Pitch: Always the cheeky, experimental rabble-rousers, Japanese avant-garde black metal band Sigh throw their fans yet another curveball with Heir To Despair via Candlelight Records. FFO: ... What I Like: I absolutely loved Graveward. Arguably Sigh's fastest, heaviest album to date, it was brim...

Episode 4: 2018 First Half Recap Nov. 11, 2018

Trench Talk
by Metal Trenches

In this minisode, FlightOfIcarus recaps his 10 favorites so far from the first half of 2018. If you prefer, you can also listen on iTunes or Google Play Music. Watch for the second half in December. And, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, like, comment, rate, etc. For more of Flight's favorites, check out t...

Retrospective Review 5 - NILE: 'Ithyphallic' Nov. 9, 2018


Background Nowadays, you may witness a lot of musical acts that like to grab the attention of prospective listeners through some sort of a gimmick. You've had bands likeSlipknotandMushroomhead who of course have their large lineup and like to wear masks/play dress up; and, there are the likes of ot...

Fervor Nov. 9, 2018

by Cold Night For Alligators

The Pitch: Copenhagen-based progressive metal band Cold Night For Alligators break from the region's typically blackened sound for a more melodic outing via Long Branch Records. FFO: Textures, Tesseract, Circles What I Like: I am most impressed with how this album opens. "Violent Design" is an all ...

Ruminant Nov. 8, 2018

by Ruminant

The Pitch: The new LP from Portland, OR blackened hardcore band Ruminant via Acid Tears Records. FFO: Martyrdod, Baptists, Graben, Nuisible What I Like: Mixing hardcore, grindcore, and some blackened vibes; Ruminant are on a mission to destroy. From the crusty D-beats to the death-tinged vocals, t...

Glow Nov. 8, 2018

by Old Wounds

The Pitch: New Jersey post-hardcore band Old Wounds can't be bothered to stick to just one genre on their latest outing via Good Fight. FFO: Letlive, Glassjaw, Hopesfall What I Like: This is another band I went into blind based on the first 2 tracks, which led to some interesting thoughts and react...

Cosmovore Nov. 7, 2018

by Ulthar

The Pitch: Witness the flowering of Bay Area blackened, old school, and often proggy death metal trio Ulthar with their new album through 20 Buck Spin. FFO: Abyssal, Malthusian, Moss Upon The Skull What I Like: Another perfect union of old school and prog. It's the type of fusion that elevates othe...

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