Kerry King- From Hell I Rise (Album Review) May 20, 2024

From Hell I Rise
by Kerry King

Kerry King indicated he was putting together a new band of some type not long after Slayer officially disbanded in 2019, but between the pandemic and other factors it has taken nearly five years for the first release bearing his name to see the light of day. It comes at a bit of an odd time consider...

1999 Nu Metal Albums Ranked May 17, 2024

1999 Nu Metal Tier List
by Metal Trenches

Today, we're diving into the heart of nu metal, revisiting the legendary albums that set the stage for the genre in 1999. Get ready for some serious nostalgia as we rank these albums in a tier list showdown! From the angst-filled anthems to the headbanging riffs, 1999 was a pivotal year for nu metal...

Gatecreeper- Dark Superstition (Album Review) May 16, 2024

Dark Superstition
by Gatecreeper

There are more death metal bands in the United States than one could possibly keep track of, but every few years there are those that are able to break out of the pack and gain notoriety. Arizona based Gatecreeper did just that with their debut Sonoran Depravation in 2016 and theyve only gained more...

Best And WORST Metal Album Remakes RANKED May 15, 2024

Metal Album Remake Tier List
by Metal Trenches

It's the rare exception that remaking something makes it BETTER. More often than not, re-recording an album is a bad idea or outright cash grab. In most cases I find it no better than messing with the original Star Wars films or the endless parade of hot garbage Disney live action remakes. But every...

Exhumation- Master's Personae (Album Review) May 14, 2024

Master's Personae
by Exhumation

Indonesias Exhumation is a band thats been on my periphery as far back as 2014s Opus Death, but prior to this years Master's Personae I hadnt explored their material in-depth. Originally formed back in 2008 with an emphasis on old-school death metal that fell somewhere between Morbid Angel and Vader...

Hot Water Music- Vows (Album Review) May 13, 2024

by Hot Water Music

Hot Water Music turns thirty this year, and rather than just focusing on their past discography and playing live shows of just the hits the veteran punk/post hardcore band continues to give us new music. Vows follows 2022s Feel the Void and features a star-studded list of guest contributors, but unl...

Haust- Negative Music (Album Review) May 13, 2024

Negative Music
by Haust

Although I didnt come across Haust until their 2013 album No, the Norwegian punk band formed back in 2001 and put out material at a steady pace in their earlier days. On albums like 2005s Ride the Relapse the group had something of a black metal meets punk aesthetic, opting for songs that kept the s...

2000 Death Metal Albums RANKED May 13, 2024

2000 Death Metal Albums RANKED
by Metal Trenches

Welcome, metal warriors, to a ferocious expedition through the dawn of a new millennium, where Death Metal reigned supreme. In this video, we delve into the savage landscape of the year 2000, a time when the genre was ablaze with innovation and brutality. Join us as we embark on a relentless quest t...

More Bands People LOVE (But I Can't Get Into) May 11, 2024

More Bands I Can't Get Into
by Metal Trenches

Another spicy take today: we're talking bands that most people LOVE, but I just CANNOT get into. From beloved crossover bands from the 80's to modern metalcore, we're diving into 10 more bands that you likely either love or hate. Join the Discord for more daily discussion of metal music.You can a...

Six Feet Under Albums RANKED Through KILLING FOR REVENGE May 10, 2024

Six Feet Under Tier List
by Six Feet Under

Welcome, metalheads, to our ultimate ranking of Six Feet Under's discography! Join us as we delve into the brutal, bone-crushing world of death metal, dissecting each album from the humble debut 'Haunted,' to the latest 2024 release 'Killing for Revenge.' In this tier list, we'll analyze everything ...

MAQUINA. - PRATA (Album Review) May 9, 2024


Portugals MAQUINA. made an impression last year with their debut DIRTY TRACKS FOR CLUBBING, which saw the trio injecting elements of krautrock, EBM, and other electronic styles with a significant dose of noise and punk energy. There was a heavy emphasis on repetition and looped beats that built into...

The Idoru- Undertow (Album Review) May 7, 2024

by The Idoru

When it comes to music from Hungary my knowledge is mostly limited to a handful of obscure metal bands, so I was happy to expand that palette with Undertow, the latest effort from melodic/post hardcore band The Idoru. The Idoru originally formed back in 2003 and put out four albums alongside some EP...

OU- 蘇醒 II: Frailty (Album Review) May 6, 2024

蘇醒 II: Frailty
by OU

Chinese progressive metal band OU band has only been around since 2020, but theyve been quickly gaining steam over the past few years with a sound that combines the heavy and ethereal. For their sophomore effort 蘇醒 II: Frailty, the group has continued to expand their sonic palette with the help of D...

Dead Flesh- Dehumanise (EP Review) May 3, 2024

by Dead Flesh

With so much deathcore coming out on a regular basis, it can be hard for newer bands to stand out from the pack. Hertfordshire, UK based Dead Flesh is one of the latest to join the fray, and with three years under their belt as a band theyve now released the Dehumanise EP. Consisting of five tracks ...

80's Death Metal Albums RANKED Best To Worst May 3, 2024

80's Death Metal Tier List
by Metal Trenches

Prepare to journey back in time, metalheads, as we delve into the murky depths of Death Metal's early days. In this video, we embark on a nostalgic expedition through the 1980s, a decade that birthed the raw and unrelenting sound of Death Metal. Join us as we unearth and dissect the most seminal Dea...

Urzah- The Scorching Gaze (Album Review) May 2, 2024

The Scorching Gaze
by Urzah

The Scorching Gazemay be Urzahs full-length debut, but they come out of the gate with a confident sound thanks to the time theyve spent developing their writing on two prior EPs. The Bristol, England based band is hard to pin down stylistically, as while sludge and post metal serve as the foundation...

Best New Metal Albums Of April 2024 May 1, 2024

Best New Metal Albums April 2024
by Metal Trenches

Today we are talking the BEST new metal albums from April 2024. From old school ad modern death metal alike to thrash, metalcore, and noise; we're covering 20 amazing new records that deserve your attention. Whether you're looking for something mainstream or from the deep underground, we've got you ...

Verberis- The Apophatic Wilderness (Album Review) May 1, 2024

The Apophatic Wilderness
by Verberis

Verberis has continually refined and transformed their sound over the past decade, sometimes channeling a bit more black metal while other times bringing the weight and density of death metal into play. What ties their discography together is an emphasis on expansive songwriting that provides plenty...

Deicide Albums RANKED Through Banished By Sin April 26, 2024

Deicide Tier List
by Deicide

Join us as we embark on a journey through the discography of one of the most iconic death metal bands of the 90's, Decide. In this video, we're tackling the monumental task of ranking Deicide's albums in a tier list format from their blistering debut to their latest 2024 album 'Banished By Sin.' Pre...

1999 Death Metal Albums RANKED April 22, 2024

Death Metal 1999 Tier List
by Metal Trenches

Welcome, fellow disciples of darkness, to a chilling expedition through the final year of the millennium, where Death Metal reigned supreme. In this video, we plunge into the abyss of 1999, a year that bore witness to the unleashing of some of the most ferocious and groundbreaking albums in the genr...

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