Flight's Most Anticipated Metal of 2018

Dec. 29, 2017


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It's hard to believe the 2017 is coming to a close already. I feel like the last 6 months just flew by. But never fear, we already have quite a lineup of new metal releases to look forward to in 2018. Here are my personal most anticipated releases upcoming this year.

8 Tool See Details for Tool

I honestly don't know why I even bother continuing to wait for this one, but I can't help. Tool was a huge band for my adolescence. I still listen to their early albums and have seen them live.  Here's hoping that after so many years, new material can still live up to the hype.

7 Immortal See Details for Immortal

All indications pointed to the Abbathless incarnation of Immortal releasing a new album in 2017, but then it was radio silence. I have no idea what the delay is, and for such a high profile release to not have any sort of add hype is concerning. In any case, I am still interested in seeing what Demonaz and company cooks up without their longtime frontman.

6 Pig Destroyer See Details for Pig Destroyer

Another album that was initially announced within the 2017 release schedule, Pig Destroyer do seem on track to follow up Book Burner in 2018. I don't listen to a ton of grindcore, and I religiously follow even fewer bands in the genre, but Pig Destroyer has always held a special place in my heart ever since I was exposed to "Gravedancer" watching Headbanger's Ball. I'm always down for more material from this crew.

5 Aspherium See Details for Aspherium

Another underground sensation that I don't hear too many people talking about. Aspherium proved that melodic death metal is still relevant with their last outing, The Fall of Therenia. Released nearly 4 years ago, this album was brimming with epic hooks, progressive songwriting, and cool world-building concepts. I'm looking forward to see where the band goes from here.

4 Portal See Details for Portal

At the time of this writing, Portal is the only band on this list to have an official release date for their album. On January 26th, we will experience the next release from one of the most imposing, soul-sucking death metal bands of the new generation. With cavernous, blackened atmosphere and ritualistic instrumentation; Portal has been an underground darling since they hit the scene in 1994. Ion is sure to be another twisted journey through the id and beyond.

3 Missing See Details for Missing

I've been sitting on my interview with Charlie Fell for some time now. Fell has been able to lay down a potential recording and release schedule, as well as which label may be lucky enough to put this highly anticipated material out. I've even been fortunate to hear a few rough demos of ideas along the way. However, there have been some delays due to his foot injury during the Cobalt tour, and also issues regarding the "Missing" band name already being in use. So just know that it is likely we will hear new material at some point in the vein of Death Mask; it just may be under a completely different moniker.

2 Torrential Downpour See Details for Torrential Downpour

If you still haven't heard Torrential Downpour, you really need to rectify that mistake right now. This is one of my favorite underground acts at the moment, and one of the few to get a coveted 10 out of 10 rating. With the right exposure and PR, these guys could easily take on the mantle once held by The Dillinger Escape Plan. Their last album was a technical, chaotic masterpiece, so I have been quietly drooling in anticipation as they make updates from the studio.

1 Absu See Details for Absu

Please, please, please, plleeeeeeeeeease. If there is one album I've been wanting even more than Tool, it is the latest from Absu. Seeing them live last year and hearing a snippet of new material only increased my intense desire to see this record finally released. Arguably the best USBM group that ever was, and also one of the few to still make thrash elements cool, I can't wait to add more highly technical, destructive black metal to my collection.