You Reap What You Sow

March 15, 2017


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The Pitch: Grim and hypnotic blackened death metal with some old school influences from Arizona.

What I Like: These tracks put you into a trancelike state at times with their very deliberate mid-pacing of both the drums and the tremolo lines.  It gets me doing that deadhead bob without fail, and also makes the sudden eruptions of the double bass all the more impactful.  The old school approach to the death vocals seems capable of souring the very earth; and the surprise shriekd and howls that pop up are just as harrowing..  Somewhat raw production, immense drum sound (e.g. "Necromantic Calling"), and sinister guitar tone all play a part in making this a very enjoyable release.

What I Don't Like: The album is so consistent that certain portions can sound overly similar.  It's an issues not only within the album, but across others in the genre.

The Verdict: This is one of those releases that seems to get better with every song.  I was already drawn in by "A Vision Unleashed," but by the time we got to the last few tracks I was having a hard time choosing favorites.  As always, these guys have plenty of competition, but they bring their A-game.

Flight's Fav's: Trance of a Tormented Hymn, Serpentine Path, Necromantic Calling