June 23, 2020


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The Pitch: Brutal technical death metal band Serocs (members of Chthe'ilist, Benighted and Sutrah) go full scorched earth with their new EP Vore via Everlasting Spew. FFO: First FragmentBenightedCryptopsy

What I Like: 2018's The Phobos​/​Deimos Suite was easily among the best albums of that year, one that even inspired the initial (rough) episodes of the Trench Talk Podcast. Vore continues Seroc's violent crusade for dominance in the genre with 4 more tracks and an interlude to further contort the senses. The album is a positively disorienting display of technical prowess packed with twisted, unpredictable guitar riffs, chaotically blasting drums, and utterly demented bass tone. It sounds as if the harmonized guitars are locked in a high octane race to fiery death with real time guttural commentary. It’s the perfect balance of soaring, strangely melodic proficiency and excoriating brutality; featuring everything from more accessible The Black Dahlia Murder solos to deeply challenging material that is decidedly not for the first time tech death listener.

Critiques: While I commend “To Self Devour” for experimenting with a more sorrowful, kind of Gorguts meets doom atmosphere approach, I’m not sure it quite pans out when taken together with the other 3 tracks.

The Verdict: Vore should be a no brainer for current fans of Serocs and the extreme technical genres, but may also serve as a solid gateway album given its constant traversal between the familiar and complete horrific oblivion.

Flight's Fav's: Anthropic, Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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