The Last Survivors

March 2, 2017


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The Pitch: French mathcore/noisecore/grindcore group Nostromo have emerged from obscurity to reissue two classic LP's and an EP.  Could we also get some new material...?  FFO Car Bomb+Helmet's Strap It On+Meshuggah's Chaosphere

What I Like: Everything you love about the bands above, as well as other influences like Napalm Death, are perfectly on display with these releases.  This style of music was my bread and butter long before I started writing reviews, but somehow I missed out on the name NostromoArgue dropped in the 90's when groups like Botch and Dillinger Escape Plan were just making a name for themselves.  In any case, I am so glad that Noise Addict and Season of Mist are providing a new opportunity for people to discover this gem of a group.  They possess the endearing grit of 90's alternative, the time signatures of mathcore and technical death, and the raw and harrowing vocals of grind.  It all comes together leading to one question: "Why aren't these guys a household name?"

What I Don't Like: Again, why aren't these guys a household name?

The Verdict: Nostromo, PLEASE write more material, but only if the lightning strikes just right.  That aside, you should definitely pick up all 3 of these albums right now.  They can be heard on Youtube and purchased HERE among other outlets.

Flight's Fav's: Delight, Inmate, Relent, Rude Awakening, Seeking an Exit, Feed The Living