The Eternal Throne

Nov. 14, 2018


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The Pitch: New Mexico death metal band Dysphotic return to us 3 years after Chaos Terrain with a new full length effort called The Eternal Throne. FFO: Deicide, Manipulation, Morbid Angel

What I Like: Dysphotic take a doomy approach to their death metal on The Eternal Throne. Focus is on mid-paced trudges through an atmosphere of overwhleming gloom. There are certainly faster paced moments as with the raging "Curse of the Augur" (complete with thrashy guitar solo), but for the most part you can expect more emphasis on very deliberate pacing and groove. Riffs are reminiscent of later Morbid Angel, often inducing reflexive head-bobbing action. The vocals are a little less croaky this time around, favoring a deep, full-throated delivering that I find much more ominous as well as a few blackened shrieks for good measure. And while not quite as standout as before, the drumming continues to be highly energetic.

Critiques: If I'm being honest, there's nothing exemplary about this album. Without trying to sound harsh, it's just unremarkable. Dysphotic have taken notable strides forward in tightening their sound, but it still lacks distinct personality.

The Verdict: Filled with swampy grooves and a sound that remains true to the original death metal rulebook, The Eternal Throne is a step in the right direction for Dysphotic. While it falls short in terms of making any serious waves, I am confident that these guys are a few songwriting choices away from making a name for themselves.

Flight's Fav's: Daemon Sultan, Away from the Light, Aura of Insanity

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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