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Sept. 10, 2015


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Welcome Dysphotic from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The image of this being recorded in a Sante Fe style structure is extremely amusing to me given the extreme nature of the content. I'm sure that is not the case, but the thought is just too awesome to not entertain. In any case, this recording is called Chaos Terrain, which is a pretty apt summation of the material.

Right from the opening, "All Consuming" has some killer breaks between the brutal vocals and chaotic drum blasting for satisfying, resonant bass chugs. The voice is a deep croak if a belching frog demon. "Mother of Pus" defines the word ominous with the very BM tremolo intro. Alternations of dark and foreboding with hammer to the face is the name of the game.

I hope the drummer is paid hourly, cuz he's working overtime. These are violent cascades of skins tightened to bursting. "Corruptor of Flesh" takes a break from the grind to engage in some exquisite droning dissonance. But never content to take a rest, Dysphotic still end up kicking up the double bass and even a little d-beat before it's all over.

But the real changeup happens with one of my favorite tracks, "Persephone." This experiment could benefit from future polish, but the union of stoner doom riffs and Anselmo-ish singing make this 7 minute conclusion an excellent addition to the otherwise brutal and extreme album. It will be interesting to see how these sounds could be further incorporated into one another in the future.

Whatever the future may bring, this is some solid material with which to whet your beak, and at just $5, it's hard to go wrong. The album just dropped on 8/29, so get it while it's hot.

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