The End of an Era | Rebirth

April 4, 2019


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The Pitch: Nashville-based technical death metal darlings Inferi re-record and reissue their second full length album with the band's current ineup via The Artisan Era. FFO: The Black Dahlia MurderAlterbeastExocrine

What I Like: Inferi has been seriously gaining momentum since the release of instant classics like The Path of Apotheosis and last year's incredible Revenant. I honestly can't say enough about these musicians in terms of both performances and their knack for catchy songwriting. And while I'm not usually one to grant a full review to an album reissue, in the case of Rebirth, it's warranted. Again, this is no mere rebranding and repackaging of an old release: this is a full-on re-recording every bit as quality as their more recent outings. From beginning to end, it's another masterpiece of melodic, technical death metal. As infectious as The Black Dahlia Murder and proficient as SerocsThe End of an Era | Rebirth is overflowing with memorable hooks and intensely technical drumming. This is all further capped off by a powerful vocal performance that is the perfect union of black and death metal.

Critiques: I've wasted too much of my life NOT listening to this band.

The Verdict: Absolute insanity that is best heard firsthand. Stop reading and just go listen. Better yet, buy it like I did. Inferi are here to stay. Watch for an interview with Malcolm on Monday for more details.

Flight's Fav's: All of them

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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