Sarinvomit / Eggs Of Gomorrh Split

July 9, 2019


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The Pitch: Fresh on the heels of their own releases, Turkey's Sarinvomit and Switzerland's Eggs of Gomorrh join forces for a filthy black metal split made even more unholy by Krucyator Productions.

What I Like: Both of these bands seem to carry the reincarnated spirit of Mayhem's first incarnation; it's the same 80's-born, punk and thrash-infused passion complimented by morbid production and atmosphere. And yet, they go even faster and harder than ever. Each band get two new tracks and two live tracks, the latter of which make me pray for those who were present. RIP audience. Sarinvomit go for a more traditional black metal approach with plenty of punk ethos while Eggs Of Gomorrh bring some clear death metal influence. I was a huge fan of their grindy, technical approach on the recent Outpregnate release, and their side here does not disappoint in bringing the best of those same elements. Think modern Deathspell Omega and Malthusian.

Critiques: I would have preferred more new material. I'm not a huge fan of live tracks. Overall, there's also nothing spectacularly new here that couldn't have waited for each band's next release. But hey, always glad to get music from good bands.

The Verdict: Encomium of Depraved Instincts is a solid split release and another welcome addition to the growing Krucyator discography. Dude has an ear for the most raw and depreaved stuff out there. If you like it, definitely check out the recent full albums from each individual band. This serves as just a nice appetizer.

Flight's Fav's: Redemption Martyr, Screwing The Nailed Prophets

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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