Now I Want a Taco Salad

Sept. 8, 2015


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Necrocosm is a melodic death metal band out of Raleigh, North Carolina. With a fresh album produced by Jamie King (BTBAM, Wretched, Aether Realm, Abiotic), these guys are ready to take your stereo by force.

The opening riff knocks the legs right out from under you and drags you into the shadows. If Force Fed Progeny is a riff salad, its a damn taco salad loaded with cheese and sour cream. Delicious. Axe work ranges from Black Dahlia Murder to neo-classical bits. "Hypnagogic" is straight from Unhallowed with it's unwavering pace and minor scale variations. And the absolutely killer solos throughout are like finding free guacamole.

There are also plenty of classic metalcore influences at play here, just no singing. Certain riffs and vocals reminded me of This Darkened Heart ("Necrocosm"). Phil may be a bit of a turd these days, but I still consider parallels to that album to be high praise. In any case, the vocals keep things grounded in a much more extreme aesthetic, hitting the sweet spot halfway between a brutal grunt and melodeath growl.

Before wrapping up, I will also say that "Plains of Inexistence" caught me off guard, but was definitely a welcome addition. More experimentation in this vein in the future, please. For now, you can check it out and buy the album via bandcamp.