Mini-Review Roundup: A Province of Thay, Profanal, Kyy

Oct. 28, 2016


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1 Atonement (APoT) See Details for Atonement (APoT)

A Province of Thay is a Seattle post-metal band.  They have seen some success in the past with the self release of their 2013 album, The Grieving.  Now they are back with a 4 song release via Carrion Choir called Atonement.  Fans of the chiller side of Deftones as well as Team Sleep should find enjoyment in these dreamlike tunes.  Layered guitars drift through the statosphere to moody vocals and an overall trance-like experience.  It's a bit sleepy for me, but something about it tells me that there is a market out there for this lush, melodic experience.  Check it out HERE.

2 Supreme Fire See Details for Supreme Fire

Changing gears entirely, Profanal is a death metal quintet from Italy.  Their sound is filled with buzzsaw, old school Swedish-influenced goodness that will leave you on the floor.  Lead vocalist, Rosy, may have a sweet name, but she is assuredly one more to add to your list of heaviest female vocalists you should be listening to right now.  These death growls certainly rival some of the more popular female-fronted metal groups to not feature any clean singing like Abnormality or Arch Enemy.  I hesitate to even drop her name, as I am certain you wouldn't know the difference unless told otherwise.  In any case, this band is a freight train and you need it in your life. 

3 Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death See Details for Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death

Finnish fiends of the black metal underground, Kyy ("viper"), make their triumphant return with their first full length effort, Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death.  The album retains the aggression and sinister sound that I loved about their previous EP, and also ventures even further into the abyss with 11 new tracks.  From the cover art to the production, everything has been taken up a notch, but never at the expense of their kvlt foundation.  The beautiful Tom G. Warrior "Ungh!"'s make a return, as on one of my favorites, "Bloodline of Edom;" and the overall sound of this album could be likened to early forerunners like Mayhem and Satyricon.  No frills, just chills.  Beyond Flesh - Beyond Matter - Beyond Death releases next Friday via Saturnal Records.