The Black Viper

Oct. 7, 2015


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Kyy, meaning "viper" in Finnish, is a black metal group out of Lahti. I'm not into Satanism, but these guys most definitely are. Regardless of your belief system, there is no denying that this music is intense.

Travesty of Light certainly starts things off with a bang. Enormous looming chords meet unfettered howls of grim destruction. There's a certain groove to it all, but only inasmuch as a lumbering giant is capable of. The vocals only become more dramatic over time, progressing into the shouts of a prophetic lunatic. It's delightfully twisted.

There's quite a variety of pace and texture in just 4 tracks, from the crusty fury of "Everlasting Fire" to the doomy choir hymn of the title track. Again, I am really digging these vocals. So many surprising little touches make the performance extremely versatile and engaging. I can't wait to hear more in the future.

By the end It sounded like I was listening to the Serpent King. Between the snarls, double bass, and simple 3 chord descending hook; this is the descent into madness. And it wouldn't truly be kvlt without a few "Ungh!"s for good measure. 4.99 Euro on bandcamp.