I'm Only Metal When It Rains

Sept. 30, 2015


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"The wraith of the storming skies returns with this second summoning of bleak and epic sorrow. Vast and captivating atmospheric black metal enshrouded by the darkening clouds of rain and war. Reflections of a heaven that weeps its surrender in battle as a dead god lies upon the funeral pyre." Lluvia is atmospheric black metal from Leon, Mexico. And it's a dreadfully lovely experience.

Eternidad Solemne can be further described as progressive, and primarily instrumental listening. Songs roll nicely from one to the next, with depressive rain interludes in between. There are some (vicious) vocals, but they too are treated more as another instrument for the bigger picture than a prime directive. Songs don't overstay their welcome either, and provide enough variation to an interest held.

Of other works we have reviewed, this most closely resembles Wiegedood. But rather than favoring lengthy, bleak minimalism, Lluvia's work is more lush and focused. The title even builds into what sounds like an epic battle with a demon or balrog. The mixed emotions of the closing acoustic guitar signals some heroic self sacrifice. The rising and falling tremolos in "Divinidad," on the other hand, lifted me out into the clouds. There's also a lovely classical outro to close the curtain.

Eternidad Solemne is fairly brief and may not be the most headbang-inducing album you will hear this year, but it is certainly worth your time and forges its own special place in our listening needs. You can pick it up for the price of your choosing on bandcamp.