Garbage Disposal Vocals

Feb. 15, 2017


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The Pitch: Italian old school death metal from Daemoniac and brought to us by Xtreem MusicEntombed, Nihilist, Crematory, Necrophobic

What I Like: The usual draw of good OSDM: insanely loud distortion, a mix of crusty drums with seering blackened tremolos.  The snare roll transitions and jumps to blastbeats are absolutely ferocious.  I think the drumming may be my favorite aspect of this album, though it is certainly rivaled by the vocals.  These indecipherable grunts are truly repulsive.  It's like they said, "F#$k having a frontman, let's just fill the garbage disposal with raw meat and shards of glass and see what comes out."

What I Don't Like:  It's more than a tad repetetive and for the love of whatever god or demon you worship, less is more.  No track in this style needs to be 7 minutes long.  Feel free to prove me wrong, but the evidence is not here.

The Verdict: Not the most exciting OSDM release I've heard, but still one with enough thrills and grotesquery to keep me coming back.  Check it out for yourself below.

Flight's Fav's: Regurgitated From Hell, From the Depths of Hideous Chasms, Procreation of Hatred