From Day One

Jan. 4, 2018


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The Pitch: European Metalcore quartet Harmed has released their debut EP via Famined Records. "From Day One is here to shed light on the dark side of any human being. This is about me, you and all of us. We are all Harmed From Day One!"

What I Like: The single below hits like a ton of bricks to the cranium. This track alone was enough to prove to me that Harmed have what it takes to make it in the metalcore/hardcore scene. Much of the impact comes from the vocals. This is one of those bands that is able to knock out your front teeth with just a few carefully placed words. Most notably, that part where they cry "THE WATER IS POISON!" is pure cathartic bliss for my inner id. Keep it up with that, chaps, but also keep bringing the righteously heavy riffs alongside. This EP is concentrated aggression with just enough clean vocals to vary things up without losing its edge.

Critiques: While the other songs on this album are good, they don't capture the same fury as the first. Hopefully they''ll consider this for their full length.

The Verdict:  From Day One is not the most consistent EP, but it shows plenty of promise for the future. In a year that was a bit soft in terms of metalcore, its nice to hear that Harmed are ready to set a fire in the future. Stream it in full HERE. Buy it everywhere now.

Flight's Fav's: Speechless-Deaf, Not Myself

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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