July 4, 2018


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The Pitch: Boston mathcore/grindcore band Mouthbreather follow up their Pig EP with the arguably even more destructive Dollmeat. FFO: Helpless, Full of Hell, Knocked Loose

What I Like: Maybe I'm just a sucker for panic chords, but I can't get enough of Mouthbreather. I stated in my review of Pig that this band "holds absolutley nothing back," and this is no less true with Dollmeat. The instrumentation continues its carnage with focused, targeted chaos, and the vocals haven't lost any of their larynx-shredding rebellion. Furthermore, I don't hesitate in saying that this album is a stronger outing than its predecessor. Whereas I found myself favoring their debut's first half, Dollmeat more evenly and consistently distributes its strengths. The result leaves me at a loss to choose favorites, though “Probortion” and ”Fratscum” kick things up an extra notch. At least part of this success seems to derive from the band's continued dedication to quality over quantity. Many sophomore outings find bands opting for extended experimentation, but here Mouthbreather have only tacked on an additional 2 minutes to the original 9. They've simply matured further within the confines of this working space. Heh... sounds like my own approach to writing.

Critiques: Clean, pristine, and no buls#!t here. The next step lies in putting a unique stamp on it.

The Verdict: "Brevity is the soul of wit"...and apparently ire as well. Dollmeat is an excellent addition that continues Mouthbreather's clear and sudden upward trajectory. Absolute required listening for mathcore afficianados. Light the fuse. It’s the 4th of July. 

Flight's Fav's: Probortion, Fratscum, Denim Jacket

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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