Sept. 5, 2017


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The Pitch: The US release of Mexico City progressive metal band Glass Mind's Dodecaedro via Rockshots Records. "Trying to describe Glass Mind’s music is like trying to count the grains of sand on a beach; this is quantum music for a quantum universe, mixing metal, jazz, ethnic and more. Glass Mind knows no boundaries, every note is suffused with deep meaning." FFO: Animals as Leaders, Mendel, The Minerva Conduct

What I Like: It comes as no surprise to me that these guys toured with Animals As Leaders.  This band not only shares similar approaches to songwriting and performance; they're also every bit as talented.  Glass Mind combine proggy, djenty guitars, jazzy bass, and technical drumming along with sounds from their native Mexico to create a really groovy, satisfying experience.  Dodecaedro is a conceptual album with each song representing elements of nature.  You can hear this coming through in the different moods and approaches to each composition.  No two songs feel exactly the same despite sharing the same level of adept musicianship, and the interludes breaking up the proper tracks really add to the shifting atmosphere.

Critiques: Generally, I can really only say good work, guys.  You've checked off above average on all of my 3 major criteria.  I'd just say continue to hone your songwriting skills and I'd actually like to hear more of the other instrumentation.

The Verdict: Glass Mind have a lot to work with here.  Not only are they talented players, but the incorporation of regional instruments and atmosphere helps them stand out in the instrumental prog genre.  Stream and purchase Dodecaedro below.

Flight's Fav's: Babel, Fu, Inside The Whale

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