Demiurge Asceticism

Sept. 7, 2017


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The Pitch: Polish blackened death metal band Devil's Emissary deliver a new mini-album via Third Eye Temple. "Demiurge Asceticism contains nearly 20 minutes of lunatic incantations, divided into three anthems praising the Harvester of Worlds – the great Swallower of Suns....shrouded in the left hand path philosophy...the message of the slow-stepping Demiurge resounds with echoes of Australian, Greek and Canadian death metal roots." Abyssal, Antiversum, Mephorash

What I Like: Devil's Emissary are another quivering pit of black fire and non-existence.  The distinctly Portal-ish guitars slither ever downwards, and when paired with the mortifying death metal vocals invoke only the most portentous of demonic imagery. I consider myself a peaceful, caring person; but we all have a darker side to our nature and Demiurge Asceticism most definitely allows one to tap into that in brief, controlled meditation.  As such, the album and song titles are the perfect summation of what to expect.

Critiques: Put simply, Demiurge Asceticism is plenty dark and heavy, but it's not a full meal.  There's a tasty hunk of meat on my plate, but it could use a little more seasoning and some potatoes and vegetables to go with it.

The Verdict: Ignoring and repressing the baser nature within all of us is counterproductive. Instead of acting on that inner violence, or waiting for it to erupt, why not take control instead?  Anyways, that's the message that I took away from Demiurge Asceticism: acknowledge, accept, moderate.  Get it tomorrow at Third Eye Temple.

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