Crypt Rot / Cringe Split

Feb. 9, 2018


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The Pitch: Redefining Darkness Recordsand Seeing Red Records team up for a split between two Ohio extreme metal up-in-comers Crypt Rot and Cringe. FFO: Zom, Power TripExpulsion

What I Like: Glad to hear so soon from Crypt Rot. Their previous album Embryonic Devils quickly made one of my 2017 best of lists despite its short length, and left me hungry for more. I am pleased to report that their side of this split very much lives up to that album's high benchmark. Both tracks are raucous and ferocious death metal driven by crusty D-beat goodness. Furthermore, Crypt Rot toy with some new ideas on the longer "Serpentine Atonement," which features Allie “Rotten Mistress” Dioneff taking on some clean backup vocals to nicely offset the otherwise harsh sound. Cringe, on the other hand, sports more of a crossover sound a la Power Trip. Haphazard punk vocals and thrashy riffs make tracks like "Flesh Famine" energetic and enjoyable.

Critiques: Despite their strengths, Cringe's side doesn't quite hold up against their peers. After the maxed out intensity of the opening tracks, they come off as soft in comparison. "Tribulation," in particular, just feels like a waste of time.

The Verdict: While a touch uneven, this split release is worthy of your time given the high quality Crypt Rot material. I'm interested in hearing more from Cringe after hearing this, but I hope that they can step up their game from here.

Flight's Fav's: Butchered Slumber, Serpentine Atonement

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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