Embryonic Devils

April 28, 2017


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The Pitch: The destructive debut from Ohio's crusty death and metallic hardcore band Crypt Rot hits full force via Southern Lord.  FFO Tribulation's The Horror, Power Trip, The Haunted, Zom

What I Like:  My initial reaction was "Holy F#$" to fellow reviewer Chris Dahlberg, then I followed that up with an email back to Earsplit that read only  "Jesus Christ..." for good measure.  While not particularly complex or original (there are a few surprises here and there), this is music that just makes you happy to be a metal fan.  It takes literally seconds after pressing play to realize that you've made the right decision.  What you get for your money here is roughly 20 minutes of unwavering punk-infused brutality and nihilism: nothing more, nothing less.  It's grimy, it's ugly, and the lyrical content is sure to upset sjw liberals and staunch conservatives alike.  Leave your virtue signaling and picket signs at the door, please.

What I Don't Like: Again, nothing new going on here, but it doesn't bother me in the least.

The Verdict: Disgusting, depraved, and just a damn good time.  I have every reason in the world, perhaps more than most, to be offended by this album; but I'm not.  This is freedom of speech and headbanging at its finest.  A giant middle finger to censorship.  You have two easy choices from here: buy this album or click to another page.  Pretty simple stuff if you ask me.

Flight's Fav's: Chapters Of Torment, Scaphist Waste, Coffin Birth- Post Mortal Fetal Extrusion