Chaos Manifesto

March 22, 2018


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The Pitch: Swedish old school death metal band Demonical are back with their latest LP in 5 years, Chaos Manifesto, via Agonia Records. Now led by Alexander Högbom (October TideCentinex), Demonical continuewith "fierce HM-2 driven death metal of utter brutality." FFO: The Haunted, Mammoth Grinder, Earth Rot

What I Like: Demonical is always a good time. I enjoyed their previous EP, and if you're looking for that old school, Swedish HM-2 sound, you can definitely do worse. With overbearing death growls and distortion, Chaos Manifesto is about as subtle as a bulldozer in a china shop. Riffs are consistently heavy, with some notable moments of rising Gothenburg melodies on tracks like "Välkommen Undergång" and "Death Unfaithful." There are a even a few thrashy solos to shake things up.

Critiques: This isn't an album you come to for earth-shattering revelations. Demonical are incredibly consistent and keep compositions just above average, but never quite elevate to many "aw s#$t!" moments.

The Verdict: If you're just looking to knock your skull around and ramp up the adrenaline, Chaos Manifesto is a solid bet. At just over 35 minutes, it's a mean and lean listening experience that makes up for its lack of frills with unwavering stability. Get it tomorrow.

Flight's Fav's: A Void Most Obscure, Towards Greater Gods, Unfold Thy Darkness

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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