No Wannabes Here

July 8, 2015


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Leave it to the Swedes to keep the oldschool alive. Between the raw distortion, larger than life hooks, and crushing drums; some of these tracks could have been At The Gates outtakes. Such is the sound of Demonical's latest EP, Black Flesh Redemption. After dropping a few well-recieved albums, the group is back with 4 songs to murder overly-condensed melodeath wannabes.

To further summarize the style of Demonical, this is some thrashy melodic death metal a la The Haunted. Anyone who has heard One Kill Wonder will recognize the intense drumming and breakneck speed, but the Gothenburg influences here are buried in harsh, blackened tremolo lines. The vocals, on the other hand, are very much steeped in death metal. Deep and commanding, Sverker Widgren's growls conjure everything from Belphegor to Amon Amarth.

Of course, no proper death metal record is complete without a few solos. Don't worry. Demonical has you covered. There are more sweeps in this brief EP than a chimney cleaning warehouse. Think "D.O.A." Even the slower, prophetic sounding "Throne of Perdition" makes strong use of the whammy bar. Never overstaying their welcome, these additions elevate tracks without showboating.

If you were looking for some death metal with a penchant for the forerunners, this EP can be yours on bandcamp for just $4. Be sure to check out other great groups from Agonia Records including Blaze of Perdition and King Parrot.