Beacon of Faith

May 22, 2018


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The Pitch: Assaultive hardcore and punk from Baptists via Southern Lord; "combining the style of raw adrenaline-fueled emotion, venomous vocal delivery, gigantic guitar sound, and a visceral rhythmic propulsion – a sonic manifestation of desolate rage, bolstered by a palpable sense of urgency."

What I Like: This is hardcore music spawned straight from the gutter. It's like an alternate universe where Converge shared dirty needles with crust punk bands like Toxic Narcotic. While the title track's wailing hook shares many similarities with the guitarwork of Kurt Ballou, the energy is more abrasive and the aesthetic far dingier. Pounding D-beats, ripping guitar solos, and earth-shaking basslines make tracks like "Outbreeding" and "Vicarious Trauma" a cataclysmic delight. The pummeling toms and snarling vocals are a one-two punch to the solar plexus. Seriously, I can't say enough about Nick Yacyshyn's amazing drumming all over this album. He steals the show ("Bevel Down"). Even slower, sludgy detours like "Capsule" wage war on the eardrums like you wouldn't believe.

Critiques: There are a few comparatively longer tracks on the second half like "Eulogy Temple" that drag down the pacing a bit. An album like this is general strongest when trimmed down to its best qualities. Cutting it to a leaner 30 minutes would have made it even stronger.

The Verdict: Throw on some old clothes from the floor, skip the deodorant, and head to the show. Beacon of Faith is a violent collision of punk and hardcore that should delight fans from both worls. Baptists do it in the dirt, and that's just where they like it.

Flight's Fav's: Beacon of Faith, Capsule, Outbreeding

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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