MUSIC VIDEO: Emotive Metalcore from HALCYON DAYS

May 9, 2018

It feels like it's been some time since I shared any metalcore. Fortunately one of Scandinavia’s most promising bands in the genre is gearing upt for their nes album, Rain Soaked Pavements & Fresh Cut Grass, on June 15th. In preperation, Halcyon Days, have shared their first single and music video "July."With its beautifully melodic lines, aggressive vocals; it really tears at even this hardened death metaller's heartstrings. Haters gonna hate. Says the band, "It is an expression of inner turmoil, balanced out by the moments of hope and determination." Elaborating further, "'July' is about the summer we started writing the record, events and thought's from that time and the whole feeling of trying to find one’s place in the world."  Watch and listen below. Check out our review and stream of thier self-titled EP HERE.

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