Zao - The Crimson Corridor (Album Review)

April 6, 2021


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Review of Zao and their new 2021 album The Crimson Corridor. Zao is an American metalcore band founded way back in 1993, somewhat infamous for the constant lineup changes in their early years until solidifying in 2005. Following a bit of a hiatus after their 2009 album Awake, they returned once more for the critically acclaimed The Well-Intentioned Virus in 2016 with The Crimson Corridor now representing their 12th full length album to date. Says vocalist Daniel Weyandt of the new album "It is a about the place in my mind where depression, anxiety and anger all manifest under the watchful eye of the shadow self. It is a long hallway lined with doors that lead to terrible places. And though I despise that place I always find myself back within its walls."

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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