You Won't Get What You Want

Oct. 26, 2018


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The Pitch: Avant-garde mindrape traversing post-hardcore, electronic, and industrial from Rhode Island's newly reunited Daughters. FFO: These Arms Are Snakes, Ken Mode, Jesus Lizard

What I Like: From the very outset, it is clear that You Won't Get What You Want is a unique beast entirely. "City Song" opens like Trent Reznor taking LSD from the pits of a clinical depression; its muted industrial drone leaving you wholly unprepared for the concluding explosion of targeted rage. This Bipolar aesthetic permeates the duration of the album, lending itself to a certain walking on eggshells level of tension. Daughters aren't writing songs so much as crafting subliminally induced anxiety.

The great director Stanely Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, etc.) liked to play with editing, space, and his soundtracks to unsettle the audience without them fully understanding the source. I listen to songs like "Long Road No Turns" and even the melodic, synth-infused "Satan In The Wait" with that same strangely ambiguous sense of dread. Tracks are at once deeply infectious and off-puttingly noisey. I thought that Ken Mode struck that balance best a few months back with Loved... but ultimately Daughters have come up from behind with the upset of the year.

Critiques: It's a masterpiece. Maybe a hair long, but mostly perfection.

The Verdict: Clamorous riffs, prophetic vocals, and droning electronics all add up to Daughters dropping one of the best albums of the year; perhaps even the best of their career. You Don't Get What You get what you NEED. And let me tell you, whether you're a longtime fan or complete newbie, you need this album.

Flight's Fav's: Long Road No Turns, The Lords Song, The Reason They Hate Me

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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