You Clean It Up

Feb. 15, 2017


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The Pitch:  Metallic hardcore trio Oak from Sweden releases 5 tracks on digital and vinyl via Truthseeker Music, Hydrogen Man Records, and State of Mind Recordings.  FFO Grieved, Kennedy, Cowards

What I Like: "Spinning!  I'm spinning!"  The vocals on this album bring forth such delightful, unrestrained grit that hardcore seems to do best.  The occasional backup scream ratchets up the immediacy even further.  And the torrential drumming becomes positively cataclysmic on tracks like "Garden."  The snare hits threaten to bring down the entire recording space.  Extra points on "Elsewhere" for not only bringing the wrath of these skins, but also the earh shaking rumble of the bass guitar.  All three band members do their part to make this a truly destructive release.

What I Don't Like: For its short length, Your Mess as Much as Mine could benefit from a few more memorable hooks with less repetetition.  I also find that "For Better or Worse" really slows my head-banging momentum for some reason.

The Verdict: If you needed more evidence to prove that Sweden, and really Europe at large, has taken over the hardcore scene; look no further.  Oak is another promising band to add to your list of talented young groups with a bright future if they're willing to work for it.

Flight's Fav's: Broken Bodied, Elsewhere, Garden