You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient

June 22, 2017


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 The Pitch:  Pelagic Records presents rocking hardcore and sludge from British Columbia's Bison.  FFO Helmet, Quicksand

What I Like: "Until the Earth is Empty" and "Anti War" really kick things off on the right foot.  These grungy hooks are straight off of Meantime and with some truly firey vocals.  The worlds of hardcore, alternative, and sludge align to form a Voltron of heavy, groove-driven music.  I appreciate that Bison try their hand at a few different approaches to the sound by varying up song lengths and also going instrumental at times.  "Anti War" even has some vague parallels to Dillinger Escape Plan, at least in their more conventional moments.  There is plenty of good to build on here.

Critiques: Not all of the attempted directions pan out.  I found some of the longer tracks to be a bit dull and repetetive after a while, and the first instrumental doesn't add a lot of substance to the album in my mind.  At present, it seems like fast and hard is what these guys do best.

The Verdict: An album that scratches that 90's kid itch within me, and a band that shows promise as well as a sense of exploration.  Bison just need to tighten up their writing skills and perhaps play more to their strengths in the future.  Stream it early HERE

Flight's Fav's: Until The Earth Is Empty, Anti War, Raiigin