Yo Soy El Mar

Dec. 18, 2018


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The Pitch: The debut album from Madrid-based hardcore band Sudestada, "the cold winds that go through the Río de la Plata just before the arrival of winter." From The Braves Records. FFO: Converge, Grieved, Meraine

What I Like: Take the wailing riffs and energetic drumming of Converge, add Spanish lyrics with a more constricted vocal delivery and you've basically got Sudestada. That's a simplification, of course, but I think it provides a nice baseline of what to expect. Early tracks like "Bengalas" and "Soflamas" sport some serious hooks that sound like they were written by Ballou himself. And far from just a straightforward D-beat fest, Yo Soy El Mar traverses a number of changes in pacing and mood to keep things interesting, ultimately closing with the mournful, 6+ minute "Barlovento."

Critiques: There are some later tracks like "Credo" that lack the same intensity and appeal of the first half. I feel like this band has mastered the more aggressive side of their approach, but not quite so when it comes to the slower stuff.

The Verdict: While a little uneven in quality, Yo Soy El Mar is an enjoyable hardcore outing that bodes well for Sudestada. We're always looking for more Converge, and these early tracks are the next best thing.

Flight's Fav's: Bengalas, Soflamas, Zozobra

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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