Woeful Destruction

March 13, 2017


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The Pitch: Brooklyn-based black/atmospheric blacl metal through Vendetta Records.

What I Like: This album opens incredibly strong.  The first two tracks seem to heave their entire weight like a tidal wave straight into your chest.  They'll leave you gasping for air as the pressure becomes unbearable.  The blackened and often sludgy vocals commit maximum atrocities and the guitars and drums trample the earth like a stampeding horde of Uruk-hai.  Very burly black metal that will demolish you completely.  I feel like the vocalist is screaming right in my face as I cower in the corner.

What I Don't Like:  The tracks can be overlong, and the middle of Hope Attrition gets a little dull at times.  I could stand for a few more dynamics.  Fortunately, the final two tracks pick up once more with some shifting beats and a surprise guitar solo.  I would love to see these ideas sprinkled more freely throughout the next release.

The Verdict: An imperfect album as a whole, but with enough worthy moments to warrant at your attention.  I am not kidding when I say that a few of these tracks may leave your jaw on the floor.

Flight's Fav's:  Unending Call Of Woe, No Blood Has Honor, Drown Us With Greatness