With Inexorable Suffering

April 13, 2018


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The Pitch: "California’s Our Place Of Worship Is Silence embodies the aural punishment that is their sophomore offering and Translation Loss debut With Inexorable Suffering. Consisting of pure hatred for humanity in the form of punishing blackened death and accompanied with gruesomely stunning art by Wrest (Leviathan)." FFO: Vermin Womb, Sepetus, Malthusian

What I Like: Back in 2016, we covered a little album called The Embodiment of Hate, which I called "malice aforethought" and  "living, breathing depravity." Our Place Of Worship Is Silence haven't lost their touch since then. In fact, they seem to have stepped up both their performances and songwriting with this follow-up. Songs feel faster and more technical while maintaining their previous levels of uncompromising brutality. The blunt force of the raw production and throaty death howls paired with the jarring pace changes and generally disjointed riffs really kicks you right in the amygdala. I also appreciate that this band continues to recognize the power of a concise runtime. Both albums clock in at around 30 minutes; making for a lean, tightly honed listening experience. 

Critiques: Solid stuff, but not much in the way of surprises. These guys could easily coast at their current level, but crossing the threshold into the 9-10 territory is going to take a little something more.

The Verdict: While the debut made it clear that Our Place Of Worship Is Silence is a punishing group worth following, With Inexorable Suffering cements them as much more than a simple one-off. This is a band with equal parts optimal skill and unwavering savagery. Definitely add this to your queue.

Flight's Fav's: The Blind Chimera and its Death, Defiance and Upheaval, The Decay Maxim

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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