Will o' Wisp

July 3, 2017


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The Pitch: Swedish black metal with some melodeath twists from the North American release of Nekrokraft's Will o' Wisp via The Sign Records.  FFO: Dissection, Carach Angren, The Black Dahlia Murder

What I Like: Nekrokraft are that perfect fusion of black and melodeath that made Dissection such a scene-straddling band.  Purists on either side will argue whose camp these guys belong to.  The vocals, for the most part, are pure grim BM to the core; but the melodic approach to some of these riffs has more than a little Gothenburg flair.  And with the occasional death metal growl, hook-heavy tracks like "Worship" and "Armageddon Unleashed" have the same general vibe as The Black Dahlia Murder.  But other moments like "Forestlurker," with its organ and other synth elements, remind the listener that Will o' Wisp is still very much steeped in blackened lore and aesthetics.

Critiques: Nekrokraft may feed a little too fully from the directions of their peers.  The next step is definitely defining a sound that is more inherently their own.

The Verdict: A damn consistent album filled with catchy performances and varied atmosphere.  Nekrokraft definitely have what it takes to be the next big thing.  They just need to the right angle and your support.  Stream it now and pick it up in the US on Friday.

Flight's Fav's: Will o' Wisp, Worship, Armageddon Unleashed