Why Oh Why Did It Take Me 6 Months?

Aug. 31, 2015


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Months ago, I saw this album drift by on a new releases list. Unfortunately, March was a big week this year for great releases, and either the artwork didn't grip my attention, or a cursory listen didn't yield results. What a mistake. I am indebted to Nordavind Records and No Clean singing for sending an update regarding the release of a video for the opening track (available below). Not only did the video blow my mindballs, it led me to revisit this beast and realize what a fool I had been.

Where do I even begin? Think mid-career Enslaved, except doomier. Folky chanting and sliding funeral doom notes compliment pounding toms and perfect cymbal flourishes. Einfallen is certainly a study in textured atmospheres. The band name may strike some as corny, but this is indeed an act of both beauty and brutality.

The guitar has this stunning, nostalgic 80's vibe to it. Beautality know how to build glorious walls of sound before dipping back into minimalism to great dynamic effect. I am still humming some of these tunes. But the ever-present little hooks are just a foundation for the larger progression. And while the journey can be relatively chill, there is never an even remotely dull moment. I must add, the piano arrangements are just lovely.

Beautality - Einfallen from Dan Gian on Vimeo.

Now don't be alarmed at the runtime. Yeah, I know, it's definitely a time investment. But trust me, it's a worthwhile one. These nearly 2 hours are filled to the brim with longing and desire. But the rage can kick through the door without warning, as with the final moments of "Doppelgänger." Pace will jump from doom to headbanging. It's in this mixture of rock and melancholy that draws me closer to comparisons with Monumension, Below the Lights, and even Isa as opposed to classic doom albums.

Triptykon is also worth mentioning, especially in the darker moments of tracks like "The Devil's Elixir." Similar lyrics and vocal delivery amp the heaviness to 11 without having to rely on speed or volume. Compositions are always on the move, and even the moodier bits have a certain energy. This is very purposeful, directed emotion. Einfallen is not a drawn out love letter to despair. As the full title implies, there a level of hope, redemption, and victory here as well. Do yourself a favor and pick it up today for 7 Euro. Don't wait 6 months like I did.

As a final note, I just had to go back and check out the previous album, after hearing this one. That stream is also included below and is equally worth your time. Listening to both only makes me further excited about what Beautality has to offer in the future. Providence is also quite gorgeous, but the steps forward taken from an already strong foundation are astounding. Everything from the playing and production to the vocal delivery and progression has been taken up several notches. See you in 2016, Beautality. I'll be waiting.