Why Did You Do It?

Dec. 17, 2018


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The Pitch: Kaonashi, seemingly named after a character from Spirited Away, is a metalcore/post-hardcore band out of Philadelphia who just released an awesome new concept EP.

What I Like: Well this is refreshing. While there's nothing wholly original about Why Did You Do It? or its underlying concept of high school melodrama, it's been a while since I've heard this particular sound done so well. The combination of catchy-yet-hard-hitting metalcore riffs with the post-hardcore/pop-punky choruses takes me back to my own high school experiences with bands like From Autumn To Ashes, Thursday, and The Fall Of Troy. Jesus, even saying the names of those bands makes me feel that old, brooding sense of melancholy that seems to define adolescence. I'm particularly loving the aggressive, angst-ridden lead single, "Real Leather." I was already sold on the undeniably metal riffs and unhinged vocal performance of the opening seconds, but the sudden (and seamless) transition to the insanely infectious sing-along chorus sealed the deal. I don't think I've had a song this stuck in my head since Protest The Hero dropped Volition.

Critiques: There's a little bit of a lull for me in the middle of this album where songs are still good, but don't have the same emotional grip or gravitas. There are also points where the lyrics come off as a little sophomoric to this jaded, 30-something listener. But to be fair, that's true of most albums I still enjoy from this era. Hell, they even pull the same Dawson's Creek quote that From Autumn To Ashes did on their seminal album back in 2001.

The Verdict: Why Did You Do It? is the perfect union of unbridled id, infectiously heavy guitars, and catchy choruses. I recommend it to fans of everything from Periphery to Letlive. Particularly if you were listening to a lot of metalcore and post-hardcore in the early 2000's, I think you're going to eat this up.

Flight's Fav's: Real Leather, You'll Understand When You're Older, Why Did You Do It

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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