Well With a Name Like That...

Aug. 28, 2015


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Just when you felt safe nestled in your bed of polished, unthreatening, "modern death metal," a new band of maniacal demons bust through the screen of mediocrity to feast on the innocent carcasses of the timid and unexpecting. Featuring ex-members of Aborted, System Divide and Mike Heller of Malignancy / Fear Factory , and whilst taking cues from veteran sickos Exhumed and Gorerotted, Gorepunch thrash and slash their way through 8 tracks of death metal madness full of punishing riffs, wild leads, and a dynamic vocal assault. Seeing Red Records (a divison of Redefining Darkness LLC) are proud to present, "Give 'Em Hell", the debut record from Gorepunch...Welcome to the show. Stay for the slaughter.

So read my inbox a few weeks back. Who could say no to that? Fortunately, the music was every bit as good as the synopsis. These vocals are abrasive. They sound like deathcore that doesn't suck. Plenty of highs and lows coming from all directions. Think Whitechapel with a big heaping dose of thrash.

Now I consider that a compliment, but there are those who will hesitate at mention of the aforementioned genre. First of all, not all deathcore is bad, and second of all, it's mostly in the vocals here. Unlike some of the stooges out there, this is not dumbed down. It's not one giant breakdown. These are some melodeath-inspired riffs with a punk edge. And it's very engaging. There are also some great, cemetery-worthy solos to be found on tracks like "Open Casket."

Give 'Em Hell is a headbanger's wet dream. The music is well played, barbarously heavy, and above all infectious. The rhythm and groove of the drums and guitar mix like cocaine and heroine to form a speedball of brutality. With Gorepunch, energy is the name of the game, and they are winning. Charlie Sheen would approve.