We Will All Be Gone

Feb. 6, 2018


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The Pitch: London progressive, alternative band Good Tiger follow up their explosive debut with a new album through Black Light Media and Metal Blade Records. Says the band, "We were still finding our feet on 'A Head Full Of Moonlight', and seeing how we all integrated with each other. I think the second album really hones what we liked from the first album and develops things from there." FFO: The Mars Volta, Novallo, Astronoid

What I Like: This is one I had been waiting for. While I've enjoyed the albums I have been covering from day to day, hearing the same thing over and over again wears thin. I need an album like We Will All Be Gone to break the monotony. Good Tiger have a sound that is unique to this musical era, though it isn't without precedent. Back in the 2000's, bands like The Mars Volta and The Fall Of Troy helped to popularize this fusion of progressive and math rock with high pitched vocals, and it seems clear that GT have been influenced by this movement. As such, it was no surprise that A Head Full Of Moonlight took off the way that it did. We were ready for more.

We Will All Be Gone carries over plenty of the trademarks that made its predecessor so popular. The guitars woft around weightlessly, alternating between djenty, progressive grooves and post-rock atmosphere. Much of this approach drew further comparisons to later Hopesfall; a similarity that is further strengthened by Elliot's vocal approach. While the primary influence still seems to be Cedric Bixler-Zavala, I can't help but notice some Jay Forrest leaking in at times. Hell, there are even moments that made me think back to Saves The Day. But I digress. This is a band that does a solid job of joining progressive, rock, pop, and even some metalcore/post-hardcore music into a tight package.

Critiques: I meant it when I chose the word "explosive" to describe Good Tiger's debut. The first single of that release blew me away instantly and got me excited about the resurgence of a sound I had not heard in many years. Unfortunately, We Will All Be Gone feels flat in comparison. Compositions are too uniform, quality is inconsistent with the energy sometimes lacking, and the band just doesn't go for the throat enough.

The Verdict: We Will All Be Gone suffers somewhat from the sophomore slump when it comes to landing punches; but thanks to solid musicianship and some great performances from its talented members, Good Tiger still serve up an album worth checking out. I will continue to keep these guys on my radar.

Flight's Fav's: The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking, Float On, Salt of the Earth

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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