We Come Full Circle

Dec. 26, 2016


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The Pitch: Let the Venom worship commence with this fusin of thrash, heavy, and black metal from Serbia.

What I Like: Fantastic, memorable riffs that just scream late-80's thrash and heavy metal.  The vocals are pure Cronos, in fact "Graveyard Witch" sounds like it could have fit quite easily on Black Metal.  Not only have Terrörhammer nailed the musicianship and catchiness of the style; the production feels like a genuine vinyl from the period. 

What I Don't Like: A handful of the tracks feel a little generic, and some may argue what the added value of this release is if you already have Venom's discography.

The Verdict: Fans of proto-black metal and groups like Destroyer 666 will gobble up Under The Unholy Command by the handful.  They don't do a ton to stand out, but in terms of revival groups these guys hit every benchmark.

Flight's Fav's: Necro Speed Megalomania, Dawn of the Pentagram, Graveyard Witch