We Are In Transit

July 10, 2019


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The Pitch: Progressive experimental death metal EP from WAIT, feat. current and ex-members of as ExistDeath To AllDefeated Sanity, CynicJeff Loomis, Intervals, Monuments, and Skyharbor. Courtesy of The Artisan Era.

What I Like: From Inferi to Warforged, The Artisan Era continue to pump out the biggest hits of 2019. WAIT is just the latest in this impressive lineup, but it certainly stands out as one of the most unique. We Are In Transit really puts the "prog" back into progressive death metal with influences that seem to draw all the way back to 70's classics. As far as metal goes, Cynic is a starting point, but one that only begins to form a cogent comparison. The stretches of clean vocals have a hypnotic quality that is almost jovial at times. Oddly enough I was reminded of joke songs from Metalocalypse like "Underwater Friends" mixed with notes of Mike Patton, but this is tempered by the heavier moments. "Mushroom Song" is a personal favorite. Its insistent 3 note bass and guitar groove instills a sense of driving motivation, and the overall song contruction makes for great thinking music. It feels as though I'm opening extra neuronal pathways to elevate my usual ponderings. Sonic psychedelics.

Critiques: When compared to the other two tracks, "Wonder" is just kind of okay. Some minor tweaks could have lifted this up closer to a 10.

The Verdict: Flub may have kicked off the hallucinogenic imagery for death metal this year, but WAIT take it to the next level by directly injecting the listener with psilocybin. With only 3 songs in 25 minutes, We Are In Transit manages to be among the most interesting and innovative releases of the year. A must for fans of prog.

Flight's Fav's: Mushroom Song, Tomorrow Awaits

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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