July 20, 2018


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The Pitch: Hardcore/mathcore from Italy's Northwoods via Brigante, Shove, and Mothership Records. FFO: Breach, Botch, Converge

What I Like: Wasteland is another good, old fashioned hardcore time. D-beats, rumbling bass, head-bobbing riffs, and energetic vocals for days. I was getting a little sleepy on the road, and this is just what the doctor ordered. And despite the fun nature of Northwoods' sound, there is also an overwhelming sense of sorrow on tracks like "Asylum" and "Detachment." This may have something to due with the lyrical themes, which take inspiration from "the closed cities that once existed in the old Soviet Union, where a very high standard of living came at a price of radioactive contamination." It represents a solid combination of punk vitality with morbid sludge aesthetic; not to mention some serious attitude in the vocals.

Critiques: The slower tracks, taken alone, are hit and miss. I find myself getting bored, except on the infectious, Will Haven-esque groove of "City 40."

The Verdict: Wastland, while a tad inconsistent, is a solid hardcore outing that should satisfy those looking for a pedal to metal experience that also has a few moody pit stops along the way. I'm particularly impressed with the drumming, but everyone puts their work in when it comes to Northwoods.

Flight's Fav's: Ground Zero, Moebius, Strenght Path FBK

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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