Vox Medusae

Sept. 12, 2018


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The Pitch: Potmos Hetoimos is a "prog/doom/jazz/sludge/post-metal" project from Baltimore, Maryland. This is their highly experimental new journey, Vox Medusae. FFO: Sigh, Dreadnought, Avant-Propos

What I Like: It was projects like Potmos Hetoimos that spurred Metal Trenches into existence to begin with. I am 100% on board with any band that likes to shake things up, especially given the current state of mainstream music. Vox Medusa is a fascinatingly eclectic journey built on a strong foundation of jazz. Sax and synths compliment the already technical and expectation-defying instrumentation. Chaotic, blackened vocals and doomy waves of distortion amplify the metal side of things; creating an overall effect and atmosphere not dissimilar from that of Dreadnought.

Critiques: The more doom-focused "I. Idyll Anathema" starts things off on a slower note. It's one of my least favorite songs, so I might have recommended putting a better foot forward. So if you're not sure at the beginning, for my money it's not until "III. The Silicon Mirror" that things get really interesting.

The Verdict: There' still room to tighten things up compositionally, but I am very pleased overall with what Potmos Hetoimos is putting out there. Far from the cookie-cutter, Vox Medusae is something entirely unique and refreshing.

Flight's Fav's: III. The Silicon Mirror, IV, A. Perseus, Pristine, V. Braid of Ouroboros

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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