Jan. 28, 2020


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The Pitch: Death-thrash overlords Schizophrenia from Antwerp, Belgium drop a rager of a self-released EP. FFO: Vader, At The Gates, The Haunted

What I Like: Schizophrenia know just how I like my thrash: hard on the riffs but swaying heavily towards death metal in the vocals. Voices takes the foundational elements of Carcass and At The Gates, but then injects the high adrenaline riffage of Exodus and Kreator for good measure. The result is the perfect marriage of the two genres, equally equipped to be played alongside Power Trip as Death. Expect nothing short of nonstop headbanging hooks and breakneck speed worthy of the classic horns in the air.

Critiques: It's nothing new, but if you ask me there aren't many bands doing this style justice in the modern era.

The Verdict: Voices is 20 minutes of pure oldschool, crossbred headbanging. All 5 of these tracks are as fun as they are heavy, and I think that fans of 90's era thrash and death in particular are going to eat them up.

Flight's Fav's: Structure of Death, Perpetual Perdition, Beyond Reality

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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