Jan. 23, 2018


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The Pitch: "Devastating French Post-Hardcore three piece Bind Torture Kill release their second high speed slab of chaotic blackened post hardcore on the album Viscères. Following in the footsteps of giants like Trap Them and Converge but finding heavier emphasis in 'blackened' elements than either."

What I Like: Viscères packs plenty of punch in its chaotic riffs and vocals. If you enjoyed the likes of God Mother and Helpless last year, Bind Torture Kill have plenty of the same charm to draw you in. I'm particularly fond of the sliding hooks of "Au Fond Du Trou," which eventually give way to a more moody and melodic conclusion. The vocals are extremely vicious, on par with the unapologetic snarls of The Apex. But things can also take a turn for the blackened as with "Nourrir Le Singe." Parallels in these moments include Calligram and Hexis among others.

Critiques: While the high points of this album are pretty solid, the low points really drag it down. A number of these tracks feel generic and repetetive; and the 7+ minute "Pestilence," while decent overall, just feels unnecessary.

The Verdict: With Viscères, Bind Torture Kill show promise with their bleak, blackened hardcore sound. Unfortunately, inconsistent songwriting keeps this release from pulling in an above average rating.

Flight's Fav's: Nourrir Le Singe, Au Fond Du Trou, Abject

-Review by FlightOfIcarus

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