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April 4, 2018


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Austin Lunn, the creative mastermind behind USBM, atmospheric, and folk project Panopticon, has requested that no one be asked to review his latest album, The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness. Out of massive respect for Austin as an artist, I will comply with his request. There will be no score or commentary. However, it would be remiss of me to let this record slip by without at least encouraging others to listen. Panopticon is among the most forward-thinking, thoughtful black metal projects around today, so I hope that you will consider picking up this sprawling release. Listen in full below after the album credits.

This is the full two disk, 2 hour long album sequenced as one long record, as it was meant to be heard. Please don't listen to the album on your laptop speakers, it will sound like shit. Give it a shot on a long hike or by a fire with headphones. The first half of the album is atmospheric metal, the second half is more americana focused, so beware if you hate country/folk.

Blåtimen is in honor and dedication of Valfar's WINDIR
The Wandering Ghost is for Adam Nicholson and in memory of Guy Clark.
This album takes inspiration from the words of Sigurd Olson and the North woods he so cherished.

This album is in loving memory of Cliff and Ele Hokanson.

A.Lunn: guitars ( acoustic, electric, baritone acoustic, resonator, square neck resonator) Bass ( acoustic, 4 and 8 string electric) 5 string banjo, lap steel, drums and percussion, keys, mandolin, harmonica, sung and screamed voice, choirs, accordion and orchestra bells and software instruments.

with guests:
Johan Becker: violins
A. Petterson: Lead vocals on " En Generell Avsky"
William Seay: guest vocals on " The Singing Wilderness" and additional choir vocals on " A Ridge Where The Tall Pines Once Stood"
Joe Berez: Reading of a passage of a Sigurd Olson Lecture on " A Ridge where the Tall Pines Once Stood"
Tanner Anderson: Hurdygurdy and hammered dulcimer
Ben Smith : Backing vocals on " Snow Burdened Branches"

Recorded by A.Lunn at lundr lodge in the woods of central east minnesota 2015-2017.
All songs and lyrics written by A. Lunn between 2011 and 2017.
Additional engineering by Spenser morris
Mixed and Edited by Spenser Morris
mastered by Colin Marston
Photography by Bekah Lunn
Drawings by Hanna Larsson for Sólfjall design and Nate Burns for revolting worship

North America: Bindrunerecordings.com

Europe: Nordvis.com

til further down the road....
don't let the fire burn out.

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