March 14, 2019


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The Pitch: Chilean black/blackened thrash metal band Perversor cut through the bulls#!t with a savage new album via Pulverised Records. FFO: Bathory, Rebel Wizard, Holocausto 

What I Like: In certain corners or South America, it's like the last 20 or so years of metal never happened. Stumbling across a band like Perversor can be like finding some lost tribe; untouched by developing society. We may consider their ways to be primitive and antiquated, but if you can live happily with nothing but a mud hut over your head and a spear in your hand, more power to you. And so it is with Umbravorous. Perversor don't require any fancy, modern production, classical orchestration, or fancy effects pedals; only killer thrash riffs and grim attitudes. This band revels in classic 80's/early 90's tropes and prefers to play down in the dirt with jangly, blackened guitars and ugly-yet-highly energetic drumming.

Critiques: There are some issues with over-repetition of certain melodies, but at only 33 minutes there's never enough time for it to become truly tiresome.

The Verdict: Umbravorous reminds me of a simpler time before every popular band decided to go djent. It's always nice to break up the glitz of more current acts with a band seemingly possessed by the original spirit of heavy metal music. Perversor rip, plain and simple.

Flight's Fav's: Umbravorous, Deadly Poison And Black Fire, D.M.T.

- Review by FlightOfIcarus

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