May 12, 2017


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The Pitch: Hailing from the Netherlands and featuring members of Dodecahedron and ex-members of Textures, Ulsect is here via Season Of Mist to further prove that atmosphere and aggression can go hand in hand.  FFO Ulcerate, Dodecahedron, Nero de Marte

What I Like: Of the available references, Ulcerate seems to be the most appropriate.  Ulsect have a similar approach to joining post-metal, reverb-laden soundscapes with technical drumming and abrasive vocals.  The screams themselves seem to take note from this band, and Meshuggah as well, in their very punctuated delivery and close connection to groove.  I might venture to say that Ulsect actually has a little more range in this area; throwing in more high snarls to balance out the low growls a la Living Sacrifice.  I also give the band credit for taking a more concise approach to their songwriting.  While the tracks still feel very spacious and progressive, the messages and feelings within are quite often (adequately) covered in 3-6 minutes at a time, sometimes even sans vocals.

Critiques: I hear some room for further differentiation and exploration.  Ulsect already have the performances and songwriting skills locked down.  Now it's time to see what new territory they can forge from here.

The Verdict: I get the feeling that Ulsect is just getting started.  This is a very powerful and accomplished debut, which isn't too surprising when considering the bands that they are coming from.  Keep at it, gents.

Flight's Fav's: The Ending, Fall To Depravity, Our Trivial Toil