Two Enormous Tracks

Jan. 13, 2017


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The Pitch: Italian black metal duo-now-quartet Fides Inversa continue to prove the worth of the short EP with two crushing new songs better than most full length albums.

What I Like: This band is another group to fall under what I usually classify as the "German blackened death metal sound" found in others like Sulphur Aeon and Ascension.  Thought it's not just a German thing; I consider Schammasch to fit into this niche for certain songs as well.  In any case, Fides Inversa have similarly deep, powerful vocals and intensely evil guitar hooks.  The band does an excellent job of navigating between menacing slower moments and seething, rapid tremolos and blastbeats.

What I Don't: In terms of the music, I wouldn't really change much about it.  The only deterrent is that this is very similar to a number of other acts I have heard like those listed above.  Fortunately these are favorites of mine, so I can't really complain.

The Verdict: Rite of Inverse Incarnation kicks off 2017 on a strong note when it comes to short releases.  Both songs sound enormous, and though they share a lot in common with their peers the ends seem to justify the means here.

Flight's Fav's: They're both equally good.  I can't pick one.